Right to Education promises Youth empowerment

If there is one thing that comes under the most preferred services or enabling factors of the youth empowerment, it’s definitely the education. Education is the power that can translate any challenge of the human kind into a credible success or a learning to stay focused on the future. As a growing economy, education tops the radar when the growth indicators are being evaluated. Successive governments have tried to create a niche through many schemes for public welfare that included the provisions for education. The recent advancement of the Indian government enacting the law in the name of education is highly commendable. The right to education can be considered the second revolution after the B. R. Ambedkar’s vision that had lead to a system that opened up education to the underprivileged. The present right to education in our country is invariably the tool that is in the hand of the common man to go out and fetch wonders.

Right to Education Act in India

An educational opportunity that is given on par with the privileged has the power to negate the controversial reservation system in India; what the youth of our country needs is the opportunity to be able to study with facilities that are par excellence. While the rich and the privileged can afford high class education from globally acclaimed schools, the right to education act gives the privilege to the underprivileged to find an opportunity to study together along with the rich and the elite in the same classroom and be exposed to the facilities and other amenities which they are generally deprived of. The vision of the past generation scholars and professionals is being fulfilled through this act.

We can also analyze the merits and demerits of this law in the light of its practicality and possibility to implement equally among various states. The truth that cannot be changed is that the youth do not seek additional luxuries rather seek equal opportunities to stay competitive. When such opportunities are provided in the field of education, they can find their passion for different subjects as they are taught with a broader perspective and considering the exposure they are given, their maturity levels improve and help them in smart decision making in the future. This is as good as youth empowerment with all the avenues to learn, explore, understand and prepare for the future is open for an average student. Many positive aspects are being shared about the rural talents. Bringing these rural talents to light can do a great service to the nation in terms and political and economic stability.

RTE may not be a perfect package for complete empowerment, but it’s a good beginning to take the country on to the development track. The idea of inclusive growth and motivating the weaker sections of the society is the key to progressive economy that needs to take care of all the people groups in an equal manner. The youth of our country should take this opportunity to change their approach towards excellence from mere opportunities based on some categorization. These arrangements are temporary and have political relevance as long as they are relevant to themselves. Excellence through education can be the greatest treasure which should be best utilized by the youth of our country.

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