Responsibility of youth towards Agriculture

Every Indian owes it to our society which is an agrarian economy which means the majority of the population depend on agriculture for their livelihood apart from the revenues to the government are being contributed through the agriculture on a large scale. The responsibility of the youth is to carry forward the tradition of agriculture not only because it is connected with the traditions and culture of our country, but also it has the potential of keeping the economy healthy even at times of recession by all means. Though there are risks like drought and cyclones that are completely external factors to limit the possibility to succeed, we need to consider agriculture as an important industry to rely upon even in the modern era of industrialization and urbanization. The relevance of agriculture cannot be really debated upon as the kinds of variations that are being discovered across the globe are completely amazing and motivating even to the common framer. The advantages of modernization include the sophisticated methods which are also essential in enhancing the production.

Responsibility of Indian youth towards Agriculture

The production capabilities are again the key aspect in the economics surrounding the agricultural yield, there are investments involved procuring and manage the technology driven equipment which is sophisticated. This is where the role of government becomes evident as they have to be proactive and supportive to the farmers by creating facilities with the latest technology application in agriculture and let the common farmers to use them. The youth of today is more responsible to push the governments at different levels to that effect. Governments of any nature owe it to the farmers as no government would have formed without the vote share from the farmers. Politics apart, it’s our economy and it can flourish through excellence in agricultural production, being self sufficient and developing export capabilities.

The exports of agricultural products or the products of the commodity market are in greater demand. The present trend in our India is not a favourable trend for the farmers as most of them are not highly educated and trained to deal with the processes like commodity trading and export strategy. There are considered as specialized business segments and are managed by the third parties that make most of the profits. The younger generation should come forward in supporting the farmers in either educating them or helping through government policies that are pro – farmers like regulating the price in favour of the farmers and so on. Also, helping the farmers get exposed to the global practices and deploy some of their strategies can become the responsibility of the youth who are aspiring to be the leaders of social and political establishments.

The challenge that our Indian youth should overcome is the migration of the completely traditional practice to the complex methods that are designed through the technology interventions. We don’t have to completely move or turn around the traditional practices rather can change in a phased manner to keep the momentum going along with the efforts for modernization.

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