Refreshing democracy through youth movements in India

Democracy in India is as old as its independence and the declaration of our country as a republic sovereign country that has the power and authority to rule and govern itself through the peoples’ representatives elected to the houses of parliament and assemblies and other privileged bodies. The people of our country are as privileged to be constituently empowered to claim their rights in their country that they love; these statements sound fine in history classes and possible public speeches that find attention during occasions like independence and republic days. But, when we look at the recent trends of young people taking to streets in making their demands loud and clear, there could be a sense prevailing that the youth of India is not able to identify with the history lessons they were taught in their schools; or it could even be possible that the young India is not sure if what they listen in the media channels on special occasions is true and apply to them. It’s okay if the youth of our country wants to be sure of what they are taught of the democracy.

youth movements in India

Democracy as the youth of India understands is for the people and of the people, at times they may feel that the much hyped up democratically elected governments are far away from their cry. These situations make them to shout louder instead of trying to cry which in other words can be called the youth movements in India taking to streets instead of playgrounds and corporate board rooms to claim what they have lost, if there is anything they have lost.

We cannot imagine the hopeless situation when the youth of our India chooses not to believe in democracy and tend to believe that mob culture pays them better. There were instances in the past where many young men and women joined the mass movements that are against the Corruption , social evils and system, claiming their rights. Such movements are well within the democratic rights of Indian Youth along with other social welfare groups. We have the right to protest and right to make our voice heard by the government, after all government is for us and for our country. The day to be dreaded and we all need to be aware of it is the day when any group of our society takes the path against the democracy which is also joined by our youth. Governments and political establishments should be cautious about keeping connected and composed with the growing demands of the present generation youth and lead them into the right path of progress and excellence.

If we talk about the democracy for the future and it’s equally important that the future of our country, the youth of this nation believes in it. The nature of the youth movements can be very progressive or can lead to a situation which leaves no hope for the future. Let’s have one point crystal clear, there is no hope for India’s future without democracy and there is no way democracy survives without the youth of our country perceive it in the right way.

Image Courtesy : TheHindu , Illustration: Deepak Harichandan

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