Effects of Drinking Alcohol on Health

There is some good news and some bad news for the boozers out there! Every time researchers throw in some findings of their clinical experiments, they fuddle us over the health aspects of alcohol consumption. Sometimes its good for heart, sometimes bad for breasts. Let us take a closer look at the pros and cons of alcohol on your health which will help you understand the benefits and risks of alcohol on health better.


Pros of Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol has long been touted by many for the health benefits it offers. Research study shows that women who have a glass of wine a day tend to gain less weight than the women who are on diet control program. Not just this, there are many other health benefits of alcohol. I’m listing few of them here:

  1. Alcohol consumption may destroy the harmful bacteria, Heliobacter pylori which causes stomach ulcers.
  2. Alcohol reduces the risk of acquiring heart disease and peripheral vascular diseases, especially in women.
  3. It improves the levels of High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) which are beneficial in reducing the plaque formation and deposition of cholesterol on blood vessels.
  4. Lowers the risk of gallstone formation.
  5. Reduces the risk of getting a stroke.
  6. Reduces the risk of acquiring Type II Diabetes.
  7. Reduces the risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease and other cognition-related disorders.
  8. Improves digestion if consumed after taking meals.

All the above listed benefits of alcohol consumption are valid only under moderate consumption and may vary from person to person. However, things can get awry if you consume excess amount of alcohol and you could experience negative health implications.

For an easy reference and understanding you should know what is “moderate” drinking and how much you should drink. A drink can be defined as 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine or 1.5 ounces of 80-100 proof distilled spirits such as whisky, gin, or rum.

Cons of Drinking Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption could lead to complications in your health could have negative implications in your lifestyle and work life. Here is the list of some of the cons of drinking alcohol, which usually are caused only under “excess consumption”.

  1. Suicidal tendencies
  2. Depressive illness and other nervous disorders.
  3. Chronic pancreatitis
  4. Chronic hepatitis (Quite significant).
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Heart failure
  7. Cancers in the regions such as Esophagus, pharynx, esopharynx, oral, gastrointestinal and liver. Sometimes alcohol consumption can also cause hormone induced tumors (usually Estrogen and Testosterone).
  8. Miscarriage in pregnancies.
  9. Increased risk of getting a stroke.
  10. Obesity

With the above list of cons of excessive drinking of alcohol one can arrive at a conclusion that alcohol should only be consumed in moderation. Alcohol consumption can also have adverse effects on health when combined with smoking and one should strongly refrain from doing both at the same time.

Image source : http://media2.intoday.in/indiatoday/images/stories//2015January/alcoholstory-650_012215031938.jpg
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