Movies Influencing the Youth of India

Youth and Bollywood are so well connected but there is not enough done by the Indian movies today to represent the youth of India. Our youth is not connected with the idea that is being presented by the movies but is driven by the charm that the movies do offer. There are genuine efforts made by some of the directors who are considered to be youth friendly and realistic, but it’s only a story half read. There is much more to be done by the Bollywood if it’s to be taken by the face value of being talked about the most influential medium in India. There are a few themes that are considered to make good stories, leaving out the host of issues that are affecting our youth, every day. The cinema industry and its entities should not shy away from their responsibility of doing the due diligence to the youth which is the major reason for their success.

Impact Of Movies On Youth of India

There are several reasons to believe that the movies in India are not completely doing justice to our youth. While there are best in class producers and directors who are exceptionally different, the majority of the decision makers in the film industry have no fair idea of the real issues that the youth are facing today. While we can complain all day long, we can also find some solutions for the movies industry. The filmmakers need to focus on the real issues without the mask of just a love or a violent story. Love and violence are to be experienced by every generation which need not be showcased as great issues of youth. Since we are focusing on the representation of the youth, these movies that are lovely and lovingly made on love affairs should represent the youth on a completely different note. They can go beyond showing them as filthy rich men or as poor as beggars. Filmmakers and directors also need to overcome the eternal imagination that all young fellows in our country are chronic eve teasers and smokers.

The misrepresentation of women when it is in context with youth should take a new route of progressive thinking and presentation. Young women are either considered dumb, over studious or sexy for their being and living. The truth may be miles away and the movies should represent the truth to a greater extent. There are stereotypes that have been reflecting some sections of our youth in India today, as there are large sections that are living in the real India that is rural India. These young Indians are aspiring to be recognized and be part of the great Indian story as it is being portrayed and presented by the celebrated Indian filmmakers and directors. The new generation filmmakers are to come out with concepts and cast that are completely relevant to the youth touching the cord with the major issues faced by the youth today.

Bollywood’s success cannot be considered its own rather the credit is to be given to the young generation that have embraced the movies for years. There should be a new generation of movie-makers who are inspired by the youth in India today and create stories that can influence them positively.

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