Media impact on youth of India

The role of media has actually become synonymous with the growing maturity among the Indian men and women. The media impact on youth has actually resulted in a new and a responsible era in the democratic India. It has given the youth the sense of empowerment in terms of opportunities and also making them aware of the challenges to achieve their dream society in India. The media itself is becoming an aspiration for many growing youth in our country as there are many career opportunities along with the social responsibility. The growing presence of media in the past decades has made a good impact through multiple forms including print, broadcasting and digital formats.

The print media has been the traditional format of media which has now become more about analyzing the news. The news that is already available to the people through other media formats is genuinely validated by the print media. The print media presents the view point after detailed evaluation of any issue in particular. This will help our youth to make decisions based on the critically represented ideas in various newspapers and magazines. The print media houses are also taking the online route to help the users or readers with the convenient means of reading the issues through their laptops and mobile phones.

TvThe broadcasting media has found its success and ways to empower youth through a variety of presentations, taking complete advantage of the technologically advanced features. The media journalists and editors are focusing on futuristic issues that have their direct impact on youth. There are also avenues for the youth to participate and work through their challenges by effectively using the medium. The recent addition of digital media is literally sealing the media revolution for the youth of our country. The social media has impacted the news, views and approach that are forcing different sections of affluent people including the political class to be answerable to the youth. Because of the media, youth can demand anything which is well within their rights given the constitution of India. There are many proactive campaigns that are facilitated in different online forums which have a great and positive impact on the upcoming generations of youth. The media professionals have been very friendly and proactive with the youth issues, motivating youth leaders to come forward with their futuristic agenda for our country. Media as a career can also be looked at as there are many technical roles apart from mere reporting and editing. There are opportunities for engineers, literature graduates and creative professionals which have been enhanced with the growing competition within the media houses as well.

The media, besides being very informative is also educative about the various ways and means that are useful for the youth of our country. The kind of advice our youth get on education, careers, opportunities and future is quite amazing. They can virtually depend on the media for anything worthwhile to be able to learn, deliberate and implement in their lives.

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