Indian Youth: The flickering but robust hope

It’s rightly said that when

“If Corruption takes the way to the roots, then the good seeds of youth should better be preserved”.

Fair play soon will be the notions of bygone years. A corrupt free nation will be the tales to be narrated in schools in the books of histories and the children reading it might wonder the struggle underwent by the honest souls then. Corruption in the 64 year old democracy is not at all music to the ears, instead a curse leading the nation in the dark hole, with no legacy of ethics to pass on the future prodigies.

Justice, honesty, hard work sounds good in the stories heard from grandfather, for he saw the nation as such, but today the picture is sore and awful to see. A study by Transparency International in 2012 ranked India at 94th level out of 176 countries. Entitling government raised programs to be the most bribed and corrupted ones. Secondly in the league are the government officials involving the officials on roads collecting the taxes from the trucking industry, majorly depending on bribes?

Hollow structure: Corruption shreds weakening and transforming the nation to worse

Youth against Corruption in India

Whosoever said, addressed it rightly that

“Politicians are like diapers, they both need changing regularly and for same reason”.

In December 2008 120, of the 523 members of the parliament were having criminal charges against them. Just flipping few pages back of the criminal book one can spot the cabinet and chief ministers of the nation being involved in biggest ever scandals like 2g spectrum, Common wealth games, Coal mining scam, Adarsh society scam, vote scam.. Following the path of the leaders even the officers in the departments have learnt to earn double the salary fixed. Right from the peon to the top notch; everyone today sustains on bribes and corruption.

Go to any industry be it education, hospitals, government offices, private sector firms all stench from the filth of corruption. 50% of the populace in the country faces the firsthand understanding of paying the bribes and getting the work done.. The government shares the bribe money with the officials at the tune of 43 % and 45 %. At various stoppages one encounters several officials to extract money.

Indian youth is the only hope of Future

Even the narrowest ray of the beam can infuse hope and do miracles. Youth is the most plausible resort to fight back. It’s nauseating to smell the stench of corruption everywhere. As Mahatma Gandhi, The father of the nation mentioned that “I will not allow anyone to walk through my mind with dirty feet” 

  • We should rise up in the same magnitude, perseverance and real determination. Well student and the youth can be the real combater to restore things back to normal. The blend of intellect, insistence and strength can be the right mix to eradicate the ailment of corruption. For it’s never the mother who is bad but always the sons. Replicate the energy towards the right not towards the shorter path leading to the top.
  • A stern no to filthy ways can be the biggest weapon to fight for. Everything must pass; the one holding position today will be replaced by the youth tomorrow. If the youth is determined to evacuate corruption, then surely a nation after 2 decades head held high will be proud of corrupt free government. It might be hysterical but the problem with political jokers is they are elected each time.
  • Also there is immense need to fix the age for retirements of the politicians, as corruption in the nation goes ageless. The youth needs to focus on spreading the vibe of honesty and should exchange the same with all. A strong refutes to bribes and corruption may serve in preserving the tainting sheen of the nation. As a determined heart is the strongest power one can use to combat anything.
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