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The younger generation is the generation that can be completely responsible for building a credible and superior India. If there is any right time that can be thought about for implementing amazing ideas, it’s right now. The joining of Youth in politics is a great trend that has been maturing over the years; this is also supported by many sections of the society as they see this as the need of the hour. There is a great logic behind the timing and the relevance of younger generation taking over our country’s affairs. The youth of today cannot really complain about the basic amenities in spite of many imbalances; there are more reasons to cherish than to complain. There are certain fields where our present generation youth should work on to lead our country in the direction of growth, development and progress.

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Politics – Politics have become the inevitable entities for the youth to dream and aspire for change. Youth in Indian Politics is not a mere idea but a strategic shift for the betterment of our country. The political involvement should be at the grass roots with clear objectives including social harmony, welfare implementation and creating equal opportunities.

Diplomacy – Diplomatic relations are going to be a real test of our India’s future. With the turmoil in the Middle East which is accompanied by the economic meltdown across the globe, India is set to play a key role in the strategic affairs in the globe. Our youth is to be prepared to take up these challenging roles to showcase our country for its credentials.

Social work – the social concern among the youth of today has to be improved at a greater pace. Society has to be benefitted as a whole if the nation has to move forward. If our national interests are hurt, that will directly impact individuals. So, it’s the responsibility of every young man and woman to look at society’s welfare in aggregate.

Innovations – Our technology and process innovation has to grow to newer heights so as to compete with the developing countries that are way ahead of us. Our present innovation can prove to be foundational for the next generation industry.

Industry – Our industrial practices are to be moved from being better to be the best in the global markets. Our country’s economic growth is directly dependent on the industrial growth though we are an agrarian society. The industry interventions in the agricultural platform are well deserved and appreciated. It’s completely up to our generation to take the industry forward to create a sustainable economy for many generations in the future.    

There has been considerable work done by many generations in the past to set the platform for the present generation to go ahead and implement. It is a blessing in disguise as this responsibility of building the future comes with a plethora of opportunities that are readily available. Apart from politics there are many avenues that are open for youth where they can contribute according to their talents and interests.         

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