Indian Youth and Entrepreneurship

‘Beta Varun, how will you get married & feed your family? If you don’t join a company after B.Tech.?’
Replace the name with each and every middle class guy who was trapped into the snare of engineering (accrediting to the rumour that said Engineering is vital for a good career) and you get the story of today’s potent yet underemployed youth of India.

Every year we manufacture over 5 lakh Engineers, considering a fact that over 11 Lakh sit for AIEEE just 5-6 Lakh Enroll for it, is somewhat pinker picture, BUT here is a catch, FOR Those 5 Lakh Engineers THE No. of available Jobs per year is merely 25-30,000 so safer to say that hardly IITs, NITs & college like Thappar, BITS get placed in dream jobs, while the rest ‘Junta’ Comprises of Team India CONTRACT Based Software building firms like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL etc.

Coming to point, India, proclaimed to be the biggest threat to the US after China, WHY? Mainly because we Indians have a GREAT (NO Pun Intended) actually great education system till 10th Standard even 12th is above average when compared to the US or any other foreign system.

Our kids get rigorous practise of tougher level at younger age thereby brushing up their potential. The next factor ‘The majority of our population belongs to middle class’ who is struggling to extract itself out from the abyss of middle class blackhole, so they leave no stone unturned to prove themselves, from Shakuntla Devi to Integral Calculus, we Indians have a knack for everything (or may be OUR Parents have a knack to shove us into everything). All these factor makes us extremely talented as they say ‘A Smooth Sea never made a skilful mariner’ so ours is a sea full of storms and dark clouds and we learn to tackle all the adversities from an early age.

Now coming to Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a word most of the parents (Middle class parents) are afraid of, they don’t want their wards to be enchanted by this EVIL Spirit, for them it is like a Foreign Daughter in Law, good to fool around, BUT A Strict NO NO to permanent engagement. & TO be Honest, it’s NOT Their fault to think like this, being born & Raised in an environment and surroundings where their parents suffered the trauma of Partition, and they saw the sudden upturn of various wealth blocks like Reliance, Dabur etc, their minds are accustomed to the fact that No Change shifts the fortune tide into their favour and the industries and companies are meant for those, who either inherited it from their forefathers or were lucky enough to grab a sizeable chunk of land after migrating to India.

In the conditions they spent their childhood and subsequent teenage, they were subconsciously transformed into believing that ‘It takes Fortune to make a Fortune’ ‘Ideas don’t build plants’ And so in their belief they start extrapolating that RISKS are for those who can afford it, (Forgetting that WE the middle class has nothing to lose in the first place). & all their moral lectures are an attempt to mitigate a life full of struggle (& in their outlook would lead to unnecessary hassle) for insignificant gains.

Considering their insecurities & over protective nature for their kids (i.e. WE) we can somewhat comprehend their unwillingness to let us take the leap, BUT what you can do is, IF & ONLY IF You believe that your idea is something that would fruit in 4-5 years, and is something UNIQUE or you have a blueprint for something that is not unique but your strategy would make it unique THEN you should go ahead & do the research, CALCULATED RISKS Pay much more dividend than blind leaps in fits of passion.

The few things you must keep in mind is :-

  • Have a clear Vision about your dream/goal/firm/targets.
  • Be Prepared to struggle for 3-4 years, and have a backup plan for what to do in case you don’t get any Angel Investor or Sponsors.
  • Either have a unique IDEA or a Unique Strategy to implement the existing ideas in a different DOMAIN or Market or Packaging of same service or product in innovative ways.
  • Brand Helps, They may say, that MBA is NOT must for being a good businessman BUT upon deeper analysis, IT Certainly helps, ISN’T IT BETTER TO LEARN FROM Mistakes of others than to commit on your own? + it also helps to get an investor for the company if you have an IIM/MDI/IIFT/Sp Jain MBA Tag with you.
  • BE Devoted, be prepared to race with the clock, get high on small savings and frown on minor slips, it’s time to get serious get working.

& Lastly, Either convince your parents if you think they are supportive and if not, pretend to be working for a year or so and then show them your first (Profitable) Balancesheet (Preferably above 10-12 lakh).

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