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Indian youth culture is often being a debating point about the changing culture and trends among our youth. There are a lot of conservative voices that are against the changing trends and there are obvious modern voices supporting the same. It is interesting to note that these differences exist among the youth of today’s India itself which is a very pressing aspect that needs to be addressed as a challenge to our society at present. There indifferences do grow to become ideologies that are also political. The differences in the changing cultural trends are one such difference we need to be cautiously aware of and ensure that it doesn’t impact the growth story of India. Our impression about these issues should be through a consultative approach that leads to dialogue and discourse rather than forcefully imposing any idea that is not in favour of our country’s interest.

Indian youth CultureLet’s understand the differences that the new cultural trends have brought into our society. Our youth has been greatly influenced by the westernized dressing and entertainment. The lifestyle has always been linked to the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry has opened up the doors for our youth through progressive media where they are aware of the happenings across the globe. Their interest to follow the westernized ways of looking and talking may be justified as these countries have progressed in terms of overall development and growth. The youth of our country has always considered some of the developed nations as role models for their future. In the scenario where jobs are offered through multinationals that are majorly from these western developed nations, our Indian youth culture is subjected to exposure. There are many ways our youth can be influenced by the behaviour, mannerism and etiquette of their western employers. The western employers have done a major service to our nation by picking up our youth talents whereby providing great career and growth opportunities. They have helped our youth to meet up with their aspirations from time to time. Entertainment is another aspect which has led to the change in the thinking and behaviour of our present day youth. There is no reason why our younger generation should not catch up with the developed world’s culture as long as they remain as patriotic as ever before.

There are some radical groups that oppose such development among the youth. They have a point as well. Their fears are genuine that Indian culture that is built through the traditions of civilization may become extinct because of this neoliberal behaviour of our youth. But, the solution is to co-exist as there are many young men and women in the urban and rural India who do not buy the western culture for lots of other reasons apart from patriotism.

Our interest should be in building our nation by taking all ideologies that are pro-nation in to consideration. We cannot let certain thought processes become political agendas for the future generations. We need to thoroughly evaluate and amicably deal with the differences so as to achieve a situation that various such ideologies coexist.

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