Indian Youth; Before Asking for Rights , Know your responsibilities too!

YOUTH; the young blood of a nation represents fresh and contemporary ideologies, thoughts and attitudes in their every approach and action. Basically the Youth exhibits the 20 percent of Indian population of the country and includes the individuals aged 15-24, precisely under the age of 30 can be known as a part of the Youth. Today, in the era of modernization and globalization, the youth of India seems to be very enthusiastic and aware. They want to grow, they want to learn and most importantly they want to lead! They have so many new ideas and plans which they want to implement and experiment in the better optimization of resources. Every nation wishes for its development and growth and moreover which is sustainable. Change is an unavoidable part of every evolution and advancement. Therefore it is very important to ponder over the major areas, which require big change and can further play a significant role for the betterment of the country. But a country needs people to bring forth the change, it needs such people who think new and wish for the big. It is hence, extremely important to determine that; who would take the lead of this whole scenario of growth and development.

Rights come with duties

India in present time surrounded with many social issues/problems. There is a deliberate need for the people who come forward and may think a step further. But until their caliber and potential is not fully utilized and channelized, the process of change and growth cannot be accomplished. Since we are talking about change and development, the control should be given in right hands very cautiously. And here the youth of India can play a magnanimous role. Ironically, youth is a part of society which has been primarily underestimated and under-utilized. Society does not understand the value of their contemporary ideas and find their conviction; delirious. Amidst, Indian society there is a widespread ideology that only the older and experienced people can execute a proper functioning of the society  and whereas the youth is supposed to be young but not enough mature. They are unemployed, deprived, illiterate, malnourished and misguided. Youth has the zeal to work and they want to use their potential but they are not given suffice opportunities, suitable working conditions and healthy atmosphere of growth, in Indian society. But society is already occupied in resolving the issues of corruption done by the great politicians of our country, where is the time to concentrate of the youth?

India somewhere has to believe in its youth’s power. Youth has the power to bring change and to add incredible moments of achievements in the history of the country. In fact the youth has many convincing resolutions and ideas that may bring astonishing results. If the youth is given appropriate opportunities, education and felicitous atmosphere then the day is not very far when India would be counted amidst the most advanced and developed countries. The Indian Youth possesses such mindsets, which have the ability to strategize the growth of the country. But we should also not ignore another factual part of this youth. Young India is little more flexible when it comes to make the right use of Choice and to obey the Duty. Young people should act wisely and at least those who are educated and established; they should have a high sense of responsibility and accountability for their duties. They are in fact more responsible for executing their roles efficiently and if they only, start playing blaming games and build up the mentality that, “yeh desh to sudharne wala nahi hai” then who else would bring the change? The old corrupted politicians? No! Only the youth can lead India in a new way. Without having the sense of responsibility even the power, capacity and efficiency of the youth would go in vain. Hence, it is the time for youth to make this realization as soon as possible before others start blaming them to be responsible for the degradation of India. Following are the major areas where the Indian youth is required to play instrumental role in order to bring the big changes in India


when we talk about leading India and then we are surely indicating towards the best Leaders, mind it! Leaders not Politicians. A leader is a person who not only leads the people but depicts a live example of how to obey and fulfill one’s responsibilities and duties. We have enough explained that the young people have a tremendous power and courage to change the world but here we are certainly not referring to that youth which believes in taking advantages only, and doing nothing. We are definitely not referring to the Yuva who is best at screaming, shouting and protesting for their Rights and Freedom but genuinely to those who are concerned and accountable for their Own Duties towards their country. Yelling on some issue is very easy but having a sense of responsibility to carry out the solution; is what we all seek from the Youth.

 Youth must understand this thing and must inject this point firmly into their minds that; they are the future of India, they have to set an example in front of everyone of being the true Leaders and not some people who represent a very narrow level of thinking and acting. There is no bravery in fighting and arguing in closed rooms, it is commendable when the young India fights in the battlefield full of corruption, politicization and bullying by using their great minds. What is so unique when the youth who is supposed to behave like Leaders, start behaving like Politicians? If the youth is leading their lives with the mentality that “khaao-piyo maze karo, papa ke bahut links hain” and “chod naa yaar hume ka lena-dena” then there is no regret in predicting a dark future for India.

Wake up! YOUTH!!  

It is the Time to hold the strings in your hands. Why to give the control in other corrupted hands when Yuva has the leadership qualities and just need to be guided in a right direction. Till when, yes! Till when, India would be sailing in the boat of dirty politics and corruption and how long the youth wants to sleep? Enough of sleep and laziness now! Time to wake up, it is the time to Choose the right and Act the right. youth must have to understand the value of their every single Vote and decision. First they choose the wrong person for government and then themselves blame the government for ignoring their rights and ceasing their freedom. Why not at the initial stage, they understand this? why do behave like dumb at the time of voting? And then all of a sudden they start protesting and firing the puppets of politicians! Why this whole drama should be created? Why can’t we think and act like Responsible Member of the society? the youth is answerable; they have the responsibility to either take the charge or to give the charge in absolutely right hands.

Let us Be the first one to change then wish to change something else. The young India cannot run away and just can’t ignore its Duties and Responsibilities. They just can’t be yelling for what they don’t have and also can’t be selfish. They have to behave sensibly and not in a usual way (corruption, fighting, beating, bullying) which others have been doing so far.  they have to adopt a unique approach and must clear the thing that; IF THEY CAN’T, THEN NO ONE ELSE CAN BRING THE CHANGE.


A culture is a way with which a society leads its functioning. Culture is a set of attitudes, ethos, values, belief system and behavioral patterns which serves as a framework for a society. culture symbolizes the sustainability, scope and possibility of a society. the more vast and enlightened the culture is, the more a society is known to be well established and prosperous. Religion and Spirituality are also vital parts of a culture because they work as the building agents and determine the moral and social growth of the people among the society. culture is always healthy when it has a scope for change and advancement. If people are following old fashioned and menial belief systems which except spoiling the harmony and peace of the society, doing nothing else then there is a deliberate need to transform and redefine that culture into a new framework that assures the growth and prosperity of the society. there are so many cultural and social taboos still prevailing in Indian society that have fogged the mentality of people with orthodox and narrow ideologies. Superstition, caste stratification, communalism, child marriage, gender discrimination, UNtouchability, dowry system, rapes, prostitution, home violence, child abuse are such old and long established taboos which are still trying to make their appearance visible in some or other way. People attach their emotional sentiments with the following of those (casteism, superstition and untouchability) old traditions and by condemning those; they feel a disrespect of their culture. Rather there should be only one culture of Humanity and only one caste and community of being the Children of One God. In the name of religion so many fake priests and ‘babas’ are suddenly born! They are truly misguiding the innocent and illiterate public of the country. Who is there to guide the innocent people about these deceits? Feeling shame on such taboos does not show your concern for the country rather what you are doing for the removal of these; is what the India expecting from its Youth.

The young people are open to explore experiment and implement the redefined cultural values in life. They believe in spirituality and religion as they can serve them; the eternal knowledge. The young India truly do not support rigid philosophies and ideas which motivate the society to worship the Unseen and neglecting the Human beings who may need their love and care. Many young people these days inclining towards self realization and self analysis, they take interest in revealing the mystical reality of life and universe. They follow meditation and seem to be enthusiastic to learn the art of living. For them, living the life with great divine values and becoming a better human being is rather more important than just to play the old records of narrow and customized cultural values which are jinxed and unhealthy for the present society.

But this is not a one person task; it needs the huge youth to club up together; to guide the public. Youth has the responsibility to reform a new culture with new beliefs and contemporary trends. But this also doesn’t mean that the youth start defaming own culture. This task has to be done very decently because Indian culture is a legacy and youth has to see properly which factors/features demand to be reshuffled and improvised. There is a big part of youth who is unhappy with its own Indian culture and rather seeking for some improvements they simply begin neglecting and demeaning it. that is why westernization has masked the elegance of Indian culture. This is absolutely not acceptable at least on the part of the youth. youth looks for short-cuts and easy things. Instead of being fascinated by the western culture they can rather make efforts to enhance their own culture. There is no wrong in adopting a new culture but feeling inferior for our own ways and approaches is also not valid. For instance, if you like a new dress you are free to buy and wear it but that doesn’t need you to throw out all your earlier dresses you have been putting up. A new dress is just an addition to your wardrobe. Similarly adoption of a new culture doesn’t demand you to forget your own culture. You need to be sensitive to value your own culture.

Duties Before Rights

Today the society is seriously going through a crucial time where it has to make certain Bold Decisions to just eradicate few barbarous practices like rapes, sexual harassment, girls trafficking and violence towards women. Damini’s rape case is not the beginning but it had been certainly the peak! Her rape was an alarming call for the society to put a full-stop to these brutish and uncivilized acts. Even though thousands of youth have joined together to protest and to fight on her behalf but after Damini’s sad death, the youth is now extra responsible to fight for her justice and for many other women and girls who once were the victims of this inhumane act. Till when the women have to sacrifice themselves? Just because the girls who were raped were not your sisters, friends, relatives, doesn’t make you less responsible to obey your duties as one of the civilized member of the country. If it could be them, then it may be your sister and friend next time. It is not about fighting for their security, it about asking your own security for future.

All you need to fight and protest in a very sensible and rational way. Jumping and beating on roads would only jam the roads and venues. There is a need to protest in an urbane and poised way and to keep the flame ignited till the government doesn’t pass a firm and strong Law for Rape. Youth should understand; the more savage they would be the more they would be opposed and suppressed by the government. Government would try to surpass the aggression in a diplomatic way but here only the youth should behave persistently and keep pinging to the government constantly. As the youth is acting like in this case, there are number of problems which are seeking justice and removal for a long time ago. This is the time for the Young India for not to sit idle, if their eyes are open now to see the problems then they should be remained open till they see them being vanished from the society.

Yuva is the power of India. Not only political, social and cultural but in every aspect of the growth, youth has many possibilities to pursue. In education system, technology even athletics, they have tremendous of calibre and new attitudes to show. But the greatest irony of the present time is “INDIAN YOUTH HAS BIG DOCTORS, ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS BUT NOT TRUE INDIANS!”


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