Indian Youth against Reservation in India

The gray side of the government – The nation under distress due to political rivalry leaves the Indian youth in the dark. Now Indian Youth has decided to Fight against Reservation and Caste Based dirty Politics in India.

In the constitution of India, Right to equality was integrated long time back which then ensured the masses with a relief that there will be no disharmony and differentiation amid one specific group and the other in the same society. But even after 63 years of political democracy the economy fails to fulfill and distorts the right bequeathed to every citizen of the nation, the Right to Equality. Right to equality always focused on adhering to emphatic norms of non discrimination in matters of employability and serving all on the same platform of humanity, but it never means to push one section so much ahead that the other suffers brutally  in the run.

Reservation in India : Chronic epidemic

youth against reservation

Reservation undoubtedly is an affirmative deed to improvise the condition of poor and uneducated class of students, by ensuring a better living to them. It’s the need and the duty of every nation’s government to uplift the backward masses and make certain that they are groomed to match up to the level of the society and skilled enough to  earn their bread and butter, but not by trampling the efforts of many others.

Reservation sounds like snatching away the bread from one kid and giving away to other sibling in the family to enjoy it perpetually. 

Reservation today occupies 52.7% space, with other backward classes having maximum of 27% of the chunk, schedule castes bagging 15%, schedule tribes 7.5 %, and physically disabled 3%. This indeed has brutally de-motivated many students and the job holders who wish to hold a position in the government arena but fails to due to the major quota criterion which indeed besieges the total system.

The major question that should be mulled over is that backwards represent a very small chunk against the unreserved class, if the major is served to them then where would the other go?

The system though intended to increase the quality of education of the backward class but contradictorily it deters the youth of backward class to upgrade them, as our government serve them with pre-prepared ambrosia on the platter.

The way out:-

 Reservation on the basis of caste and creed is the mockery on the talent of several other students and job seekers who are eligible for the position but fails to fetch one just because they are not born in schedule caste and tribes and their community is not good enough to fetch them reservation.  Cutting the quota to 3-4 % instead would be a better decision.

  • quota seats should be reduced.
  • Scholarships should be awarded to the backwards, if they excel in academia.
  • The government should make sure basic learning by ensuring better teachers, making certain that the teachers allotted teach them right. If the roots are clear, nobody can stop the backward to rise. More incentives should be given to teachers to educate backward classes.
  • Government supervision in such schools should be frequent. Make the basics right of backwards, they will themselves compete, sans any support of quota and reservations.
  • Universities and colleges should ensure rudimentary criteria of equal opportunity to all. Yes, if one is capable enough the right amenities should support for their grooming.

The differentiation clings to the roots, political leaders destroy the structure and real sufferers are the youth at the rudimentary levels.

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