Indian youth against caste politics

 It is as important to our present generation to be told about the bloodiest history of caste dominance that has divided the country into many pieces. The caste system has not only brought division and shame to our country, but has become a blot in the Indian history which has seen the people oppressed in the name of caste and untouchables. There are people belonging to certain castes are branded as untouchables who are not even allowed an entry into the main villages and towns. These untouchables are supposed to live in the outskirts of the villages deprived of basic facilities like drinking water from the wells. In some places there are special wells for fetching water for the untouchables and there are places where odd timings are allotted for them to go to the wells to fetch water. They were not allowed into the temples as they are the lowest and the unwanted in the society. These people used to be engaged in the work profiles that included manual scavengers. No higher class person is allowed to touch them as they consider it as a sin which needs to be resolved by doing special rituals. This was the fate of our country which is still being paid for. This history can never be forgotten by wiping it away but can be overwritten by the determined Indian Youth.

Caste Politics in India

The solutions for caste system should be looked in a progressive and futuristic way. The politics of today at state and central levels should stop revolving around this caste system for petty vote bank politics. Vote politics are leading the identity of several regional and national parties with some cast and corresponding religion. We need to work towards ensuring the manifestos and agendas are not made to please a particular community or caste which is prevalent in any region. Government should refrain from approving policies that are beneficial to certain castes.

There is a very important balancing act to be done by the government to ensure the policies that are made are for the benefit of the deprived sections of the society. There might be a danger of government doing more to ensure special considerations are given to lower and deprived sections of the society where by ignoring some of the financially backward people from higher castes. The objective of the youth of our generation is to take up our future as a challenge to deliver policies and governance based on the common welfare. The unfortunate history has to be refined with the sense of equality and humility with the spirit of belongingness to our great nation. Every young man and woman should take an oath to eliminate caste based politics and introduce welfare based economics that are good for all sections of our society.

Our society has never been ‘our society’ in the sense of calling it as something where all of us belong to. Inequality propelled by the caste system is the biggest curse that our country may never get rid of. The only possibility of getting away from the shades of castes is only through the progressive thinking in the Indian Youth.

Image Courtesy : Bharat Vichar Manch

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  1. i thnk tht d government should make policies on d basis of d financial condition of d ppl in INDIA cuz as far as i kno i saw som ppl who r tagged as ST,SC’s etc hav devoloped a lot mstly in d cities so i thnk tht d government shld stp giving facilities to thm in contrast in d villages we cn find tht dis ST,SC’s r mstly backward due to economic reasons ,according to me d government shld therfore try to give facilities to d ppl who r suffering frm ecnomic problems.morovr i thnk tht d tagging of ppl as ST,SC nd OBC’s is also a form of discrimination.d government is going on giving facilities to dis ppl jst to gt votes,nd they r also going on increasing d period of giving dis facilities frm independence till date.nd fund which d government sends for d ppl in d villages don’t reach thm nd if it reaches also mayb its jst 1/10 of tht fund (i’m talking abt d corruption) nd i’m tlking abt d condition of d villages in midnapur which r far away frm d town.

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