Indian Education System – Under the Carpet Scenario

Indian Education System – Under the Carpet Scenario

There was a time when I used to be proud of our CBSE, the education system that manufactured Olympiad winners, scholars in huge capacity, every year atleast a few Indian Prodigies used to outshine the globe and make it to international newspapers.

And since it was doing decently good no one paid attention to the subtle omens that were congregating slowly, slowly and steadily.

Here are a few attempts that I have underlined highlighting the cons and pros of Indian Education system.

Pro à Indian Higher & Senior Secondary Education system is renowned for its quality curriculum and rigorous syllabi thereby developing student’s potential in early age.

Con à Burden on students, promotion of tuition culture and excessive pressure on those who can’t afford it.

Pro à Indepth Study of Maths, Science

Con – > Subjects like ENGLISH are not so focussed and don’t meet the current requirement in the age of globalisation where English is not an option.

Pro à NCERT covers the syllabi in a comprehensive concise manner.

Con à doesn’t ignite the curiosity in students to search for more.

Pro à Manufactures Academic Genius

Con à Snubs out & Smothers Artistic Mozarts/ Picaso / & others since no promotion to alternates like Sports/Music/Dance/Painting/Acting and these succumb to the level of personal hobbies only


Moving to Senior Secondary level à The Very step to chose Medical / Non Medical /Arts / Commerce at the age of 15 or 16 is a bit premature and a student can’t be expected to be able to fully comprehend the aftermath of this decision and in over 95% of the cases, the decision is a result of either peer pressure or ignorance, therefore leading to many years of remorse when he or she actually discovers his real calling.

Although steps like Psychometric tests are taken which are said to be proficient in deducing the fair skillset of a student and thereby stamping a child (& in the foreshadow impeding him to spread his/her wings to discover the areas that actually interest him/her) & as we all know, it’s the passion, the determination, the interest , which is responsible in success of any and every legend we have ever known.

A large majority of Graduates especially Engineers are now a days reporting to regret their decision to take up non medical, which took 1 more year, had very limited good opportunities due to privatization and thousands of colleges, and required huge investment still resulting in so less career opportunities and also hindered prospects of government jobs due to their background not being of a commerce or arts student favourable to work in most banks, government offices etc.


Talking of IITs, every year more than 5 lakh students appear for IIT JEE & over 12 Lakh for AIEEE, and ultimately over 7 lakh engineers graduate but the need and industry demand is hardly 1 lakh at the most, but seats available in top institutes like IITs, IIITs, NITs are less than 25000 and if you are unlucky i.e. belong to GENERAL Category, then make it 10,000 seats only, so for 10,000 quality seats, there are over 12 Lakh aspirants or make it 10 lakh still, 1 in every 100, that is almost as much competition as there is for Harvard/Oxford/Stanford/Princeton etc


The condition of Medical stream is even more deplorable, 51 seats in AIMS & less than 4-5000 seats in State level colleges for a pool of over 2.5 lakh applicants and fee is no less than 15 lakhs in any of the private colleges.


Commerce students complain of lack of jobs and also lack of well paying jobs, the average salary being 10,000 per month.

Arts students take up arts with ultimate aim of trying for Civil Services.


Enough of being a cynic, it’s better to look at the brighter side, i.e. when you acknowledge your weaknesses only then you can asses them, appraise them and strive to improve.


Some of the Glaring issues that we have are :-

1.>            Lack of Proper Infrastructure in Colleges, Universities, even though during AICTE checking, the private colleges ensure to follow the standards but they turn out to be ad hoc arrangements.

2.>            An ALARMING deficiency of Lecturers and Professors, i.e. due to crippled Graduation system, most of the students turn apathetic towards academics and a zeal to learn is vanquished and moreover the higher salary in private sector for top performers snares the deserving ones from taking up education sector jobs which doesn’t offer much monetary incentives.

3.>            The curriculum is outdated, for an example, for a Computer science he is taught 8085 Processor that was discarded 20 years ago therefore the syllabi is totally incongruous to the industry demands.

4.>            Practical based Learning is almost extinct, the labs, the experiments, the case studies are outdated and even the existing ones are not followed sincerely thereby making actual implementation an alien venture to the students.

5.>            Corruption & Donation to override admission that used to be purely on the basis of Merit, thereby making economic inheritance subdue the ones who actually worked hard to reach there.

6.>            More than 50% of the seats are given away to substandard less deserving students who didn’t work hard enough to reach there, hence leading to a substantial decrease in batch quality and a feeling of resentment among the masses. The reservation instead of helping the poor and outcast is instead bringing the entire nation down. & No One dares to transgress the system that lost its relevance in 1970s.

7.>            Substandard infrastructure and quid pro quo for practical marks that ideally were mandated for actual performance in activities that are necessary for real learning that makes education effective.

8.>            The slow, and cumbersome university system has led to an overall steep decline in education standard, 6 months of delay in declaring results, faulty reckless checking are some of the prominent complaints heard from students studying in government universities is a frequent complaint. An example would be KURUKSHETRA University where a student reported that when he saw his answersheet under RTI, he was taken aback to see, that all the answers that he wrote were not even bothered to be checked and was awarded 2/4 marks in each question at the end of his answers, and when he applied for Re-Evaluation, his marks increased from 16/100 to 44/100.

9.>            The ultimate lack of spirit among teachers to impart their knowledge and wisdom to students, can be entitled as the prime culprit behind indifference towards real learning in students.


Now that we are aware of a few issues, here are some suggestions that may help assuage the situation and subjugate it under our control :-


1.>            Reservation to be made purely on the basis on annual income and NOT on the basis of Surname/Cast/Creed, and a strong incorruptible background check should be conducted to ensure that only the deserving candidates get admission and a higher limit of cut off should be kept, i.e. say if general has 80 marks as cut off than for reservation, 72 should be the cut off unlike the present times when for reserved it is almost 50-60% of the general category cut off, and if the reserved category are still unable to meet it, then keep the seats vacant in order to inspire them to work harder and make themselves worthy of reservation.

2.>            Staff deficiency should be promptly addressed, reckless checking and such a long delay in results should be curbed and invigilated, especially in state universities where these problems are rampant. Checking system should be made transparent and RTI should be made powerful so that students may challenge the checking when their future is at stake, due to negligence and insincerity of holy teachers.

3.>            Widespread privatization of education should be brought under control, and stricter rules & regulations should be devised for permitting people who wish to start college just for the sake of earning money. And proper background and surprise checks should be conducted to ensure that the norms are followed throughout and not just during the initial phase of getting licences.

4.>            Curriculum should be made more relevant and industry professionals should be referred to get a sound feedback upon the missing components of current syllabi. Practical education should be emphasized upon, Industry internships should be arranged by colleges and universities NOT by students themselves on the basis of their personal contacts and network.


5.>            Lack of quality teachers can only be met by revising and upgrading the payscale to make it lucrative for younger generation to pursue further studies and inculcate a sense of sharing their knowledge, Promotions be made result oriented and salaries be revised as per performance even if the job lies in Public Sector i.e. Government Lecturers and Professors should be evaluated as per their performance and be paid higher as per their class ratings and inputs that they put in teaching.

6.>            RESERVATION, that is currently being based on Seats reserved should be converted purely to merit BUT Government can still play its part by waiving of 50/60/70 or complete fee of SCs,STs & OBCs as per the performance they exhibit in competitive exams like IIT-JEE, CAT & Other Exams, so we would still be promoting the rights of the minority and also ensure that only the truly hardworking enter the institutes of national importance, alumni of which represents the image of entire country across the globe.


The main concept where our education system lagged was case studies and unwillingness to change, while the course that we have was near perfection when designed, but we failed to realize the sudden upturn when India welcomed Globalization and the entire curriculum was no longer suitable for contributing to the surge of industrialization.

And the only effective solution that appears in sight is, to bring in the industry stalwarts and revise the course content, (& perhaps that would also lead to significant turmoil among those who teach it, and appropriate measures would have to be taken to train and upgrade their skillset) & we all will have to move out of our respective comfort zone if we really wish to change the socio-economic-industrial scenarios of our Nation.

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