Need to change Indian Education System for Better India

The idea education is unfortunately linked with commerce in our India as though it is synonymous. ‘Education Business’ is a common phrase used across our country whether it is a developed city or an upcoming town. There is a lot of leverage that is taken considering the insecurities associated with our society. Fortunately, we do not spread awareness among the present generation parents who understands the importance of the literacy and education. We all understand how significant professional education is in our lives to obtain great careers. Careers are invariably linked to our economy which is progressing at its own pace. It is not a new notion that the education system in our county is considered to be flawed in spite of very good progress that is made. Our educational standards are applauded all over the world even as our youth keeps achieving to most grades in the institutions and universities abroad. Our system is considered to be flawed mainly because of the imbalances it has in its very approach towards people and people groups. There is always political gain when significant decisions are made that is linked to our education system. Great potential has always been compromised when considering trivial issues surrounding our system.


Core issues surrounding Indian education system         

Class divide

Though we have made very good progress in terms of eliminating the class divide which has been haunting our progress as a society together, the imbalances have always been visible, influencing the system as a whole. There are schools that are run by the government and we have private schools. Generally there is a perception that government run schools do not provide quality education. Private establishments do provide excellent educations, though there are some exceptions.

Apart from the basic knowledge transfer, our students are exposed to many cultural, extracurricular and academic activities that improve personality as a whole. This results in creating a completely divided society which is not completely based on the intellectual ability, leading to many considerations. Our education system will continue to encounter this challenge as long as the government run schools do not provide quality. It’s not that they cannot provide quality, but we are not holding them accountable. Our children are supposed to be trained well by these teachers who take salaries from the taxes we pay. We need to stay united to demand justified educational facilities and focus for our children to offer them a great future.

Government Policies

Government’s considerations at higher education level have always been controversial. We need not go into the merits of the issue. One thing is clear that the demand for statutory interventions come about because of the class divide that has deprived many of our children to be exposed to higher education which is more professional. We shall hope and work towards finding a suitable solution for our system which apparently seems to be necessary. Besides its justification, government interventions like Right to Education do contribute to the flaws in our education system.

Looking at our flawed education system, we shall not bring the curtains down of the prospects and progress of the aspirations of our youth. Through persuasion, reasoning and persistence we shall find realistic solutions to make our country a real place to celebrate education.

Author – Rashmi Walia

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