Indian Democracy – The Glass Half Full?

The largest and one of the oldest democracies in the world stands evaluated and criticized for what it has missed out to become an admired democracy. Our country has adopted democracy as the way forward since independence, but democracy is yet to become a real story. There are many reasons and narratives for the state of affairs which has lead to many figures pointed out for relevance of democratic practices in our county. Many of our leaders from different walks of life feel that the democracy has been made a mockery that has complete shades of feudal society within the pluralistic society.

Our society is so diverse with many cultural values followed through religious teachings and freedom to express which are derived from our republic state that considers democracy is sovereign. There are mixed opinions and controversies about the role of democracy and how it has been played out by our leaders throughout the years. Besides many challenging scenarios and testing times, there can be not even an iota of doubt about the relevance of democracy for us. We have plenty of reasons to believe that democracy is a half filled glass than an empty one; and we will also try and figure out the ways and means to ensure the complete spirit of democracy in our country which is the way forward anyway.

Our severity is balanced by democracy

  • The democracy we have adopted is driven by constitutional amendments which give absolute rights to us, the people of India to elect and govern our country for our better life and future.
  • We, as a nation participate in the democratic process to ensure we determine our rulers who eventually become our servants to serve us with a spirit of patriotism.
  • Our democracy also facilitates us to send the representatives to the house of parliament to make decisions for us with the majority opinion are counted and minority sentiments are accommodated.
  • Our democracy is inclusive with open spirit which is secular in nature. Secularism gives more voice to our democracy which is invariably the most significant aspect of Indian democracy which has always assured that its roots are strong enough to inspire our leaders and generations to come.
  • Religious freedom is integral part of our Indian democracy, we are free to follow and propagate any religion of our choice. Our freedom to express a difference of opinion is an integral provision which enumerates the democratic values based on the constitutional sovereignty.
  • The democracy that we have adopted is a liberal practice that establish the fundamental rights to our citizens given to us and by ourselves through the constitution which is supreme and is governed by the parliament which is our temple of democracy… in all we, the people constitute democratically constituted state of India and India is our counter; we are her countrymen!!

 The state of affairs in our country may give us to a different understanding about democracy, but considering the sovereign nature of our country governed by constitutional principles as recommended by democracy, we have no reason to believe that our democracy is an empty glass, it may be half filled, we are to fill in the rest of it through the spirit of brotherhood and humanity.

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