Importance of Indian youth in nation building

As our country is inching towards becoming a developed nation which is not a dream that is far off in many aspects, we need to look at the important aspects or the process that will lead us to that destination. This achievement will also be mirroring the importance of youth in nation building as it is the youth which is spearheading the development process in India. While the developmental agenda has been laid before us by our visionary leadership in the past with a clear objective of making our nation more advanced in all the fields. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with the basic developmental issues that are to do with the fundamental rights of our people. We need to work at a faster pace to catch up with our global competition and surge ahead in terms of achieving the growth and development. Growth is a by-product of inclusive and sustainable development which involves all the sections of our society.

What we have achieved is not precisely growth but limited achievements in certain fields like IT and emerging technologies. When the major sections of our brotherhood are left behind, we cannot surge ahead with emerging technologies as a priority. There has to be a balancing act which is a great responsibility for our youth of the present generation. We may end up in a very shallow state of affairs instead of becoming the world’s super power which is barely at hand. Our objectives have to be redefined and are to be brought into alignment with the growing global trends and practices. After making a mockery of democracy for decades, we are now realizing the importance of staying young and relevant in the global scenario. Our youth has to adapt to a strategy that covers the most pressing challenges while talking about growth and development.

Inclusive growth – If we cannot achieve an inclusive growth that involves majority and minority sections of the society, we are simply fighting the vacuum instead of growing as a nation. If there are only certain sections of the society that are growing, there is no relevance to our independence. There can never be an impression that our people consider themselves ruled and enslaved by the establishment. We should address mind sets that are framed towards negativity because of the experience of being left behind.

Literacy in India – Let there be no illiteracy if there has to be the development. There is a very interesting observation that is also a reality that the illiterate societies are eager to learn and be educated whereas the government is not taking enough measures to reach out. Our young leadership should bridge this gap as well. The importance of youth in nation building is more evident through these aspects of public interest.

Rural empowerment – Urban development in all can never result in our country becoming a developed nation. Our primary objective of inclusive growth can be achieved through rural empowerment as and when we achieve such development, we are ready to challenge the global scenario in our favour.

The youth in nation building should take an entirely different route through inclusive growth by focusing the matters that are of importance to our country. We should rather respond to the challenges with a positive mindset to find constructive solutions.

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