Help the Deprived Indian Youth If you wish a Change

Youth, includes the individuals aged 15-24 and represents the 20 percent population of the nation. Youth of the nation is such a part of society which can do wonders and can bring big changes with ease but it is also a section of the society which has always been underestimated and deprived of the rights and opportunities, it actually deserves.  Among the 15-24 age groups the adolescents are the highly deprived, misguided and misused. Those who belong to poorer, weaker and minorities they tend to be exploited in higher tendency. Rapid increase in child labour, unemployment, child abuse, trafficking, home violence and child prostitution are such taboos of the society that frankly show the pathetic condition of the Youth, in the present scenario.

Youth represents the fresh and young minds of the nation. Youth comprised of young and adults who have quite a modern mentality. Their ideas are new and fresh. They can think high and advanced. That is why there is an old saying as well, that the youth is the future of the nation. Their new ideas can and should be applied for the development of major aspects of the society. Youth can bring big changes in cultural, social, political and economical areas of the nation. But this all is possible with the youth who is well educated and belong to the sound and well established sections of the society. What about the unpriviledged youth who belong to the weaker sections, those who are poorer, those who have no good living conditions, no proper diet, no sanitations facilities, no education, sometimes no shelters to live? How can we expect such a youth to bring a change in the nation when their own life deliberately needs huge changes? And no doubts these factors are only responsible for the constant increase in child labour, prostitution, trafficking, sexual harassment and many other hazardous problems.

Despite of the fact that youth can be so prolific for the society and the nation, we are not ready to provide healthy atmosphere, conditions and opportunities to them! We talk of big changes but when it actually comes to do it practically, we wholly rely on Government’s Five Year Plans! Why so? Being a citizen of the society and country aren’t we responsible too to help the government and the people who are devoted for the development and the betterment of these unpriviledged youth? We certainly are! We must be clear with the truth that a nation can grow and flourish only when, it’s all sections grow consistently. If one section of the youth is touching the sky and another is lost in the gloomy side of life, we can never lay down a strong base for a better future of the nation.

Besides, the Government’s formal planning programme there is a lot more which we all can do at our personal level to encourage and help this deprived section of the youth. And in fact the established youth (youngster and students) can also become an active part of such a revolution. If being a citizen and a well wisher of the nation we decide to bring small changes in someone’s life we can undoubtedly witness big changes in our nation in the coming future:

  • EDUCATE THEM: these unpriviledged youth need to be educated. Though their living is just limited to earning their two time bread and they are hardly interested in taking education since they see it as a waste of time. But still whenever we come across with such youth we must counsel them and make their families aware of the benefits of the education. And if some of us can teach such children for free or give few hours to teach them then it would be the greatest favour one can ever do to toward the betterment of few lives. Students can do a good work at this level.
  • REHABILITATION WITH NGO: There should be an increase in the number of NGO’s who work for the rehabilitation of such deprived and unpriviledged youth. And also there should be awareness among such youth about such NGO’s. One can join and help such organisations by taking out some time to visit and understand the working style and can also help them in their campaigning’s. One can even bring some deprived kids to such NGO’s.
  • GIVE YOUR FEW MINUTES OR HOURS: unpriviledged youth is easily be seen everywhere. You can meet them on roads, near your homes, office, school, colleges etc. Try to at least give some minutes to sit with them, listen to them, talk, discuss and observe the kind the life they live. Then one would realize how much blessed one is and how much deprived the other is!
  • MAKE THEM A PART OF YOUR JOY: if possible, one should try to make such youth a part of their joy or celebrations. Once in a year or twice celebrate, any occasion with such children and just see the happiness on their faces and feel the contentment within you.
  • DO NOT SHOW SYMPATHY, SHOW EMPATHY: be understanding to these youth. Do not show your sympathy rather try to help them in a rational way which can surely bring a change in their lives. They do not need your money; they need your kind concern and a rational support. Introduce them the reality of life, encourage them, and inspire them to break off their dull shell. Simply helping them with money would make them lazy rather make them aware about the value of Actions. If you still want to do charity, donate useful stuff and money in a good organization where these youth are directly benefited.

We never know there might be another BhimRao Ambedekar, Abdul Kalaam, Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi waiting among those unprivileged youth.  And we should not forget that every individual of the youth is beneficiary for the nation is some or other way. There is a desperate need to realize the worth of that unprivileged youth so that they also can afford to live a good life and their abundant potential doesn’t go in vain.

Image Source: IndiaCSR

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