Empowering Indian youth Through Politics

The presence of youth in any industry or field has been proven to be valuable. Youth has created the sense of professionalism and urgency for many sectors that has inspired their growth. The growing trends in politics across the globe along with the revolution in the social media have made the youth of today politically active. The youth, when empowered and inspired has always proved to be of great advantage for any nation. There were past examples in the world where countries with varied backgrounds were transformed by young leaders of great caliber. There are more than a few reasons to think that Indian youth can really transform the nation in the direction of growth and prosperity.

YouthAnalyzing the reasons that are in favour of why youth should be in politics will give multiple cues from the past, leading to many future prospects. Their sense of belongingness and urgency to respond to any issue can be turned into the nation’s advantage. Our nation needs good decision makers who will push through the reforms with a great sense of urgency for time. At present, our decision making is not as fast as it could be as the older political class has always been skeptical about many trends that are in favour of our country’s agenda. Good and timely decision making can result in great achievements which is the quality found in our younger generation.

The examples of youth leadership in our own country in the past have been quite encouraging. The history has proved the benefits of empowering youth not just through a variety of concessions but by giving them the political access. Their agenda can only be focused on growth and to take up India to the global forums with great dignity and sense of accomplishment. The pride factor has been missing for India in many international forums for many decades. Our country’s achievements can be brought to light to the extent that the rest of the world looks upon India for paradigm and motivation. Such recognition can never be achieved by keeping the youth away from politics.

The need of the hour or central focus when we talk about empowering youth should be to motivate the smart and young talents to look at politics as a career option as well though they might not make the career as how the professional world has been offering. The way the youth should look at different options should be focused on to be persistent and persuade the political establishments to look around the world and take timely decisions. The youth’s presence in the political establishments can grow in number and contribution in social work which can help them find recognition.

India as a society has always welcomed change but to create that change our youth in India should be patient and consistent in their efforts. We have a great responsibility to stay afresh and abreast with the growing India to actually lead our country into glorious times.

Image source :  http://inbministry.blogspot.in/2014/02/
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