Dealing With Regionalism in India – One of the Duties of the Youth

India is a country that is rich in culture and civilization which was possible due to a highly diversified society. A diversified society would obviously mean the regional notions that are more sentimental in their appeal and approach. There is always a history behind any major development at the national level. The political centres are widely split and divided across the state in our country right now. There is a growing significance among the regional issues which are influencing the politics at the central level.

regionalism in india mapThe growing popularity of regional issues has helped the regional parties that are formed on either linguistic agenda or any other local agenda. These parties are slowly marginalizing the relevance of the national parties in the states along with creating not so stable political situation at the center. The central leadership which has been lead by the national parties is under the compulsion to adapt to the change and accommodate the regional parties and their demands, time and again. The Indian political structure has been changing with the new era of coalition politics. There are various fronts formed by the national party’s initiative that accommodates several regional players or parties based on the ideological similarities or political advantage as and when it is applicable. This is not a completely healthy situation which has occurred due to the negligence of the national parties towards the under developed states. At the national platform, all regional issues have not been given the same kind of importance, leading to confusion and imbalances. These imbalances have reassured the change in the political formula at the national level.

The irony of the present day situation is that some of these regional parties are making the administration at the national level very challenging. They expect the national leadership to respond to every minor issue irrespective of its collective national significance. This not only restricts the national agenda but also puts the government under a great deal of political compulsion that revolves around the stability of the government. Successive establishments have failed in development in the process of addressing and complying with these parties with trivial agenda issues at times. There might be issues that are of great significance, they need to be taken up purely based on their significance and urgency. As and when the youth leadership is maturing at all levels of politics, it’s our responsibility to put an end to the regional agendas that are not pro nation. There might be a good time to address them in the future. The duties of the youth shall include the need to create a sustainable government that is based on the one national agenda with the regional considerations in a very subjective manner in which inclusive growth is addressed. Our objectives essentially need to be designed to take our India forward as each one of us advance in the hope of development.

Dealing with the regional issues , Regionalism in India has become of the major issue which invariably becomes one of the duties of the youth in our country. It’s our duty because of the nature of the issue as sensitive and it demands a lot from the younger and future generations to maintain the integration of our country.

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