Commercialized education in India and its upcoming market

Education in our country has always been treated as a top priority. There may be many compromises made by our young students to stay on top on education so that we can make good careers. But, the journey to those brings careers is not just a long but is becoming exceedingly expensive. For the rich and elite, the expenses associated with the primary to higher education should not be a problem. There are many bright talents among our youth who are not so privileged because of their family’s economic situation. This not only de – motivates us, but also sets a negative frame of mind which confines us to certain courses which are not so competitive.


How are commercial expenses related to the competitive courses?

The demand for professional courses in our county is primarily due to the limited number of professional colleges available. Professional education covers courses like Engineering, Medical Sciences and Business Management. There are other programs including legal studies and Para Medical science that are prominent with better career prospects. The top streams of professional courses demand a great amount of preparedness of our students. In many cities where private education is prominent, our students are being trained with a special objective to prepare for these professional courses right from their early primary or secondary school years.

The sense of competition has been cautiously imparted among our youth who thinks success in their lives is completely dependent on their success in the qualifying exams that lead to admission for professional courses. There are institution wise qualification tests that are conducted all over the country to select the best for such colleges. The pressure on our students has always been stressful to be able to find admission or entry to the so called premier institutions. This kind of enthusiasm and hype surrounding the professional education has resulted in the mushrooming of coaching centers or training centers that collect unexpected fees from our aspiring students. Our parents also try and arrange for these huge amounts in anticipation of successful careers followed by amazing education.

Legitimate advice to aspiring students for professional courses

  • Our students need to realize the fact that there are only limited or fixed number of seats or openings for certain professional courses like Medicine or MBA from reputed institutions.
  • Aspirations need to be realistic and hence, we should evaluate if our potential can be enhanced by enrolling into some of these coaching centers.
  •  Only if we know that we can be absolutely benefitted out of the special coaching, we need to look at those options.
  • We should also remember that going in for special training towards the last phase of preparation may not be really helpful other than spending money which is completely hysterical.
  • We can also explore long term training options provided by government centers for excellence to save on the spending and be benefited simultaneously.

Overall, professional education is a good aspiration. Our students and parents need to be practical and realistic in their expectations before they spend up their money for private coaching in the pretext of gaining entry into a premium institution.

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