can a drunk youth, be the future of nation?

There was a time when culture used to teach us many moral and ethical values and habits and today is also a time where culture has been manifested in an entirely different way. The meanings, the interpretations of culture have totally changed in the so called ‘Modernised’ and ‘Westernised’ era. Earlier culture was a kind of a legacy that our ancestors gave to their youngsters but today each one of us has his own culture and own way of perceiving the culture.

Culture is a framework of the society which provides certain behavioural patterns and values to the people of the society. It actually serves as a foundation, according to which the people of the society should behave and act in order to pursue the functioning of the same. That is why a culture is ought to be fully developed, rational, wise and civilised so that the people of the society act in the same way for a healthy functioning of it. But in these past few years we are witnessing a drastic change in the way the culture of the nation is being perceived, projected and implemented. And the major credit for those drastic changes goes to the adoption of ‘westernization’ in the present living. People are tending to adopt westernized ways of behaviour, attitude, thinking, acting and socialising. And off course the most influenced group or category among the society are the; “Youngsters”.

Youngsters are very much influenced with the westernised patterns and they have adopted few western patterns in their life in such a way that they are themselves, spoiling their lives without being aware of it. There is no harm in adoption of western culture but any implementation should be done with a proper and sound knowledge and awareness. Half baked knowledge and awareness are always hazardous. Youngsters of today are so much moved by the western patterns that they do not even feel any need to look into the aesthetic value of their own Indian culture. Indian culture is so rich in values and morality that if one follows it with true heart one doesn’t need to ask for anything else in order to follow a good life. But youngsters of today have hardly any importance for morality and values rather they are excited and delirious about implementing the western culture. Following the western culture is now a status symbol or a fashion among the youngsters. Today, right from your attire to your thinking and actions, all should reflect a westernised approach if you want to be a part of young generation of the society.

Drinking alcohol, smoking, night outs, drugs intake, late night parties, group sex parties, visits in pubs, rash driving these all are few new patterns of the so called newly emerged “Cool-Culture” among the youngsters. These all above acts are supposed to be ‘cool’ according to the youngsters and this ‘cool’ word denotes to the compulsory conditions to become a part of youngsters today. Youngsters have developed this new trend or culture for themselves which is quite compulsory to follow, if they wish to be called the Young blood of the westernised society. And this kind of culture is easily being seen among the highly educated and well established families. Where the parents are too much social and working their children seem to be indulged in this cool-culture to a major extent. Children of middle class families also seem to be involved in such acts due to over protection, excitement, curiosity, peer pressure and fear of lacking behind in the society.

Few prime factors of this cool culture that are very much famous and into trend these days, among the youngsters is the intake of alcohol, drugs and smoking. Intake of Alcohol, smoking, drugs is a kind of addiction which seems fanciful initially but almost introduces with death at a later stage. But youngsters perceive it as a status symbol and also a sign of being grown up. Today, though youngsters of all age group are following this alcohol and smoking habits but the most curious and excited age group which is spelled by the fascination these; is the age group of sixteen years youngsters. However, many cases have been noticed where children of very young age such as 10 and 12 years start smoking and drinking of alcohol. Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, are central cities where youngsters begin with smoking and intake of alcohol at very young age. Because the life style of such cities is very much advanced and westernized. The main reason behind the increase in this cool culture is the mentality which perceives western culture as the best and the only culture which makes one; advanced, sophisticated and modernised. That is why while simply ignoring the damage of it youngsters follow this cool culture. Another reason for this increase is that, at the younger age a child is not enough mature to think over the pros and cons and simply look forward to the fascinated side of these acts. There is a huge curiosity among them to try out that everything which their elders do and behave. They want to experiment the new trends and the things which they are supposed to do at their adulthood. There is a lack of patience as well. Youngsters of today are very much impatient. They want to be adult very soon. They do not understand the value of time and growth. They feel being called as adolescent and young is like a stigma. Youngsters of today are seeing only one dazzling side of these acts and simply ignorant of the disastrous harms, they can do to their lives.

  • GUIDANCE AND PROPER CARE AT HOME: children at the growing age need a proper guidance from their parents. Growing stage is so much tender that if children are not well guided they may opt any wrong path for their life and then repentance of parents is in total vain. Children of growing age should be given proper care, guidance and moreover proper time. Parents should spend a quality time with their children so that they don’t feel left alone. Parent should be caring and loving and should talk to the children quite often. Remember, children opt for wrong habits, paths and friends when they are alone and depressed. Because they feel their parents are not so friendly with them or they don’t have time for them and there is no one to keep a check of them, which is why children move out of their way and opt for such harmful acts. Then they try to search for happiness, peace, excitement, in alcohol, smoking, drugs, pubs and immature sex. Hence, parents must behave as a good guide, care taker and a friend with their children. This would minimise the chances of opting the wrong things and company among the children.
  • COUNSELLERS AT SCHOOLS: school is a place where a child spends almost a half day. And whatever a child does in those few four to five hours; influences his/her mind to a greater extent. Child has so many friends who come from different backgrounds. And here only the child is free to choose a suitable company of friends for him. Teachers are there to teach and educate. But not every child is frank with the teachers. Besides education, there are many things which a child wants to share with someone. And here the school must appoint a good counsellor whose job is to counsel the child. This counsellor would talk, share and moreover listen to the child. The child may share any kind of feeling and problem related to any issue or matter, with this counsellor. The main motive of this counsellor should be to guide the child in a best way. He/she should be like a friend and during his counselling session he can observe where the child is misleading and he can counsel the child then and there. The counsellor would work like a motivator who would appreciate the child for his/her good habits and would detect the bad habit to help the child in order to rectify them as soon as possible.
  • REGULAR WATCH AT THE COMPANY: parents should keep a regular watch on the company of the child. That means parents should be aware of what kind of friends their child is getting along with. Friends play a vital role in actions and the cultivation of habits in a child. If a child has bad company or wrong friends who possess bad habits and attitude then the child would certainly project those wrong habits in his behaviour one day. That is why parents should be acknowledged with all the friends of their child. And for this, they should behave in a friendly manner with their children. They can motivate their children to invite their friends at home for spending some time or may be for recreational activities. Parents should be aware where the child is moving out and for what purpose. The child may lie to the parents but he/she won’t if he knows that the parents are understanding and moreover trusts him/her.
  • IMPROVEMENT IN PARENTAL BEHAVIOUR: today majority of the children have common problems that their parents do not understand them, they don’t let them grow up, they are not friendly, they don’t respect them as adults, they over-protect them, don’t trust them and sometimes spy them. These all actions of parents only compel a child to rebel, betray, lie and hide the truth. At some point or other the child is not truthful to their parents not because lying or hiding things is his habit but because of the rigid and wrong attitude and response of the parents. Hence, parents should do some modifications in their thinking and behaviour such as they should be balanced friendly and parents. Over protection and doubts should be removed. Should be open to talk and ask with the children. Parents should give the child balanced freedom and should limit it when they feel it is misused and here also they should be open to tell the child that for what reason they have limited the freedom so that the child also understands it and correct the mistakes. Parents should replace punishment with counselling and motivation.
  • STRICT RULES AT BARS, PUBS AND SHOPS: there are already the rules but they must be followed strictly in the pubs, bars and shops that; liquor, beer, cigarette, must not be served to the under-age children. Those who serve and take both should be handled strictly.

Remember, intake of alcohol, smoking, drugs is just the outcome of the long gap between a good parenting and the children. Children would certainly do not opt for such harmful acts if they are properly guided and given adequate freedom of expression and action. Hence, what is required is to detect the root cause and not merely crying over the after effects.


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