Wikileaks Revelations about India

The Wikileaks Revelation cables published about the India and its fight against corruption has started a new debate among the intellectual community. The very new cable thrown by the website has thumped the Anna’s anti-corruption movement up and told that the agitation done by this Gandhian was something more revolutionary that this country has ever seen after Mahatma. Interestingly, Wikileaks had more to say about the Indian diplomatic and bureaucratic and diplomatic setup and its every revelation had a row to instigate in the respective term. Let’s illustrate some of the highly controversial cables that stormed the Indian political fraternity in recent times.   A cable accessed by The Hindu says that the Prime Minister of India Mr Manmohan Singh’s UPA government won trust vote in parliament in 2008 illegitimately using cash for vote over Indo-US nuclear deal. The worst part of the entire deal had shown the blotted face of Indian politics where Congress Man Captain. Satish Sharma’s aide Nachiketa Kapoor has bribed 50/60 crore to MPs in order to secure the vote of confidence during the motion.

Another Wikileaks India cable that shows the Chinese concern over India’s support building measures on UNSC. China takes it as a non-proactive measure and thinks it another brick to damage the already strained Indo-China relationship in current scenario. The cable also reveals that may China have soft corner on Indian UNSC initiatives but in no manner he supports same for the Japan.

Another shocking cable asserts that some US diplomats were briefed in the Indian capital by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to use third degree torture for the convicts. The extent of the torture could be the electrocution, beatings and sexual humiliation as well. Another row had spread when it was revealed that Dali Lama finds solution of climate change more mandatory and demanding than sorting out the issues of the Tibbet refugees. The credibility of the religious mentor therefore put behind the crap by Wikileaks.  Another revelation says that the General Secretary of INC, Rahul Gandhi once told to the American Ambassador that Hindu extremism in the country is more threatening than the Muslim militants and thus poses a great threat for the Indian integrity and reliability.

What’s fanatic about the probable revelations done by Wikileaks is its credibility and authenticity of the cables. The experts of the social and political circles are raising serious questions about the Wikileaks’ legitimacy and its approach to the establishments. Several of the policy experts believe that since no proofs have been furnished by the cable makers in support, it’s pretty unprofessional or easy to trust on this. Some even think that the extracts could be an attempt to malign the images of the associated parties and a motive to earn some con benefits out of this. Debate is going on but one thing seems true that the manner in which Wikileaks people have addressed these issues raise numerous questions about their drives and intentions towards society.

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