Study of Accelerating Expansion of the Universe Wins Nobel Prize 2011

Three US born scientists shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics for their astounding discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through constant observation of the exploding starts.

They have overturned the fundamental assumption of physics by showing that the universe is expanding constantly with acceleration. Their discovery has led to creation of a new understanding of the universe: a place where super-low temperature and black skies exists, unbroken by the light galaxies which are moving away constantly from each other at an accelerated pace.

Earlier to this, the physicists were of the notion that the universe was expanding at a decelerated pace which implied that in billions of years the today’s world would remain very much the same in many ways.

During 1990s, Saul perlmutter, Brian Schmidt, and Adam Riess worked in separate research teams found that light from more that 50 distant starts was becoming gradually weaker than what they expected. This implied that the exploding stars were moving away at constant acceleration with intense speeds.

However, the reason behind the acceleration still remains in question. But the physicists claim that there could be a great mysterious force behind it which they call it dark energy. The explanation of this energy is still one of the greatest quests for the physicists’ fraternity.

The discovery implies that universe would gradually get colder as the matter spreads across the universe in vast spaces with due course of time.

Scientists now feel it apt to call the phenomenon as “Big rip” rather than “Big Bang” as the matter is constantly receding away from the centre at great speeds. According to the studies, the galaxies which are 3 million light years away are moving with a speed of about 70kms per second whereas the galaxies which are 6 millions light years move twice as fast.

Adding to the above facts, it was also said that galaxies would be flying off so fast that their light would not be able to reach the observers, making the sky look black.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has declared that Mr. Perlmutter would receive half of the $1.5 million award, with Mr.Schmidt and Mr. Reiss sharing the other half of the award.

The discovery has also led to confirmation of an idea from Albert Einstein, called the “Cosmological constant” which Einstein inserted in his Theory of Relativity. This theory is one of the foundation stones of modern physics in the present day and there could be some more advancement in this area after the constant’s confirmation.

The Physics Nobel Prize was the second Nobel Prize to be announced this year. The Nobel Prizes were established in the will of Alfred Nobel, a Swedish industrialist. The prizes are handed out yearly on 10th of December, on the death anniversary of Nobel.

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