Apple Co-founder, Steve Job Meets his Demise

The Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs, 56 met his demise while he was battling with a rare type of pancreatic cancer and other health ailments. Apple announced his death without pointing out a specific cause for his death.

Icon of the Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs gave the world iPad and iPhone which added exquisite inventory in the world of gadgets. He was the CEO of the Apple foundation which later on transferred to the current CEO Tim Cook in the august of this year after he resigned.

Steve jobs had battled cancer in the year 2004 and later on had a liver transplant done in the year 2009. As the days passed on his health grew weaker and he starting facing more problems. This forced him to take resignation from the post of CEO as he further could not continue in the tumultuous health condition.

Jobs started off with Apple in the year 1976 with his High school friend in a Silicon Valley garage. Though things didn’t go pretty well at the start, he managed to rescue the company in the second stint. He rolled out marvels after marvels into the world of gizmos and gadgets, giving it an experience of whole new paradigm.

Jobs launched the first product iMac under his guidance in 1998 and sold about 2 million in its first year. After this launch, the company did well and gained good profits. Later on he rolled out exclusive class of products which became the hallmark of the company Apple.

He was successful in not only bringing drastic changes in the world of technology, but also upended the music industry by launching the iPods. This product offering, almost 1000 songs in a small portable pocket device became one of the most ubiquitous devices.

Next came the touch screen enabled iPhone which was launched in 2007. iPhone offered a whole lot of new features which no mobile then offered. Social networking, managing money, editing pictures and listening to music were some interesting features which grabbed the attention of gadget freaks.

In the year 2010, Apple launched iPad which was a very compact size of computer. iPad, an all touch tablet sized computer took off the markets inspite of  recession stuck prevailing markets. Jobs had his own sense of anticipating the demands of people which led him to develop such products which did great even during the times of recession.

By 2011, Apple succeeded in becoming the second largest company of the United States by market value. Later in this August, Apple surpassed the Exxon Mobiles and became the largest company in the US by market value.

Jobs had the genius in him to dream and make them come true with his innovative ideas. He brought about changes in the world which enabled people to choose the enhanced way viewing the world, accessing information, seeking entertainment and communicating with each other. At the end of the day, people find Mr. Jobs a visionary, pioneer, and a successful entrepreneur who gave world wonderful products to cherish upon.

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