Sex During Pregnancy- Know the facts!

After the pregnancy has been confirmed, one might have apprehensions on having sex. Undoubtedly there could be so many questions in your mind about sex during pregnancy, but you shouldn’t worry about them much because it is safe for you and to your baby to have sex during pregnancy. But there are certain cases where you should avoid having sex and unless you are relevant to such cases, it is absolutely safe to have sex.


While sex is one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable activities between the couples and it can enjoyed by the couples during pregnancy as well. Here are some of the facts on sex which can help you know how and when is it safe to have sex during pregnancy:


Can I have sex during pregnancy?


Well, yes you can have sex during pregnancy unless you are advised by the doctor to refrain from it. Though you may have some apprehensions on safety of the baby, but when sex is done in certain positions it can be absolutely safe for you and your baby. You can have sex after conception until you and your partner feel discomfort during the act. While some may feel that having orgasms is not safe during pregnancy, but in reality it is absolutely safe to have orgasms during pregnancy.


Is sex safe for the baby?


Normally having sex would not harm the baby as it is protected in an amniotic sac filled with amniotic fluid which has ample capacity to absorb physical shocks. There is also mucus covering the cervix which not only prevents penetration of any germs which may lead to infection but also the penetration of penis and touching the baby.


Is it safe to masturbate during pregnancy?


It is very much safe to masturbate during pregnancy because it does not involve any physical stress on your baby. Moreover masturbation is a great stress buster and it can help you relieve tension. It is a better and safer way of enjoying the sexual pleasure than the actual sex.


When should you not have sex?


In pregnancies which are under high risk of having any anomalies, sex should be strictly avoided. Here are some of the other cases where you should avoid having sex during pregnancy:


  • If you have a history of abnormal pregnancy.
  • If there is a potential threat to you or your baby which may lead to miscarriage.
  • In case of having twins or triplets.
  • In case of having mysterious vaginal bleeding or discharge.
  • In case of having Placenta pervia (A complication where the placenta grows low down in the uterus, which may cover the cervix). However having a low placenta is common during the early pregnancy, but if this continues throughout the pregnancy you should avoid having sex during pregnancy. It can be spotted if the pregnant women have painless bleeding.
  • In case of Leakage of Amniotic fluid from the sac.
  • In case of premature opening of cervix where the chances of acquiring infection during sexual activity increases.
  • In case your partner has any STD (sexually transmitted disease) which may get transmitted to the baby via the semen.


What are the right positions to have sex during pregnancy?


Usually having sex in a normal way is not possible because the woman would have a huge belly which would obviously hinder the sexual activity. So it is advisable to take certain positions for sex during pregnancy which would be safe for the mother as well as the baby. Here are few of the positions which you may prefer:


  • Sideways position: In this position you can lie down sideways because having your man on top of you could have serious implications on the baby and your health. Here you could use the edge of the bed where you could lie with the rear on the edge of the bed and man kneeling/standing in front of you.
  • Spoon position:  In this position you can lie down side by side where both face the same direction. This position does not allow deep penetration and is a safer method.
  • Woman on the top: In this position you are on the top position where you can control the extent of penetration. Here the baby is absolutely safe because there is no extra weight being added on you.


Oral sex can also serve the purpose, only and if both the partners are negative for STDs and HIV. This can be a very safe method of satisfying your sexual desires while you are still pregnant.


How long should you wait for sex after the delivery?


Well, usually it is advisable to wait atleast for 6 weeks after delivery until you can have sex again. This is for the reason that your body needs little time to heal over after the baby has been removed from the womb either vaginally or surgically by Cesarean section.

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