Top 3 Health Concerns for Women along with their Remedies:

In day to day life, people fall out for some illness or ailments, especially women who are very sensitive to the environment and who should take health concerns seriously. Here are some of the health concerns of priority where women are more prone to acquire them:

Diabetes: This is one of the common ailments which women suffer from. The diabetes leads to increase blood glucose levels leading to problematic situations such as person becomes more prone to infections.


Reason: The reason for its cause it that most of the women are not conscious of the food that they take in. The other reasons are lack of exercise, and obesity.



  • Practice yoga or do workouts in the early morning.
  • Keep away from taking sugars and excess calories.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.


Heart problems: There are number of heart diseases which could affect women. Mostly it is cardiac arrhythmia which is also called as flutter. Apart from this is CAD (coronary artery disease) where the arteries become hard and narrow in diameter which causes resistance to blood flow. There are also ample instances where women suffer with Angina too.


Reason: The main reasons attributed are lack of exercise and excess of fat intake. There could be other internal factors as well which may contribute to heart diseases.



  • Go for regular checkups and do not take any problems related to heart lightly.
  • Keep a regular watch on blood pressure. Chronic rise in blood pressure is an indication that you are suffering from some cardiac ailment.
  • Quit smoking as quick as possible because it increases chances of getting a cardiac disorder. Nicotine patches or other prescribed medication can be tried to get rid of smoking.
  • Keep a track on your Cholesterol levels as increased cholesterol levels could occlude your blood vessels and pose a threat to your healthy functioning of cardiovascular system.
  • Do regular exercises such as Cardio which improves your heart’s health.
  • Take healthy diet and adequate nutrition. Eating more fats could worsen your heart’s health. Better concentrate on leafy vegetables and fibrous fruits.


Breast cancer: Many women get affected with breast cancer around the world. Since these are soft tissues, there are more chances of them being affected and becoming cancerous. This may affect a woman’s sexual as well as mental health drastically, so care must be taken to treat it properly without any apprehensions. Generally it can be detected by checking for any lump in the breast tissue.


Reason: There could be various reasons for breast cancer but the reasons are unclear. However, excess estrogenic activity and some of the carcinogens may cause cancers.



  • Take healthy diet such as fruits and vegetables as these reduce chances of getting any cancer with their anti-oxidant properties.
  • Regularly exercise as this would keep your body healthy overall and it offers great resistance against breast cancer.
  • Consume more soy products as these prevent chances of getting breast cancer as these contain isoflavones which have anti cancer property.
  • Reduce intake of prescription Estrogenic drugs which are sometimes responsible for development of breast cancer.
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