6 Things You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be very exciting but at the same time one should consider the complications of pregnancy and see to it that you don’t fall into one. Pregnancy is a very complex process which involves many physical and emotional changes in the pregnant woman. In order to make the pregnancy successful and care for your baby’s health, you should consider few things and avoid them during pregnancy. Here are few of the things you should avoid during pregnancy:


  • SMOKING: It is a known fact that smoking affects our body drastically in a bad way. The nicotine and other toxins produced by smoking tobacco can damage not only your body, but they may also pass on to your baby and affect its health. Under such circumstances, you should strictly avoid smoking during pregnancy.


  • ALCOHOL: Alcohol can have very damaging effect on the baby inside the womb. Excess alcohol intake by the child bearing mother can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) in which the baby may acquire many complications. The complications include the congenital birth defects such as mental retardation, facial malformations, and growth deficiency. So it is better to avoid any alcohol intake for the sake of your baby’s health.


  • OTC MEDICINE: It is advisable to avoid any Over the Counter (OTC) medicine during pregnancy because they can cause more complications than what relief they give you. For instance, an aspirin does help you get relief from headache but at the same time it may pass on to your baby via your blood supply to baby and cause defects like low birth weight, neuronal damage (pertains to nervous system) and also few other complications.


  • EXTREME PHYSICAL ACTIVITES: Pregnant women should strictly avoid any sort of extreme physical activities like sports or adventurous activities, or even rigorous exercises. While a little exercise can be beneficial, extreme physical activity may cause damage to your baby in the womb.


  • STRESS: While stress can be harmful to the normal people, it can have serious affects during pregnancy too. If you are in stress, there could hypertension, increased body temperature and altered hormonal changes which could have serious implications during pregnancy. So it is advisable to avoid stress and to cope up stress you could join yoga or meditation classes which makes life easy.


  • JUNK FOOD: During pregnancy, the baby feeds onto the nutrition what the mother receives. So the pregnant women should make healthy food as their priority atleast during the pregnancy. Nourishing the baby with adequate nutrients and energy should be the prime concern of the mother because the baby’s health all depends on mother’s health. Go for fresh fruits, fruit juices, salads, vegetable soups, cereals, whole grain which are very healthy and nutritious to your body.
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