The Emerging Indian Women

India has always been of the trickiest places with closed and conservative societies. What makes it more interesting is the kaleidoscopic culture which changes color after every few miles. The country is dominated by men and has all the traits of a patriarchal society, but the beauty of this society is that although it’s dominated by men, women are also respected equally and have the same rights legally and culturally. Due to invasions from various outsider rulers Indian society adopted itself a closed and conservative outlook in the medieval period but the values always were the same and now when in modern society we have started losing the conservatism. Women have come forward and lead the path in numerous fields. The head of the state, leader of ruling alliance and leader of opposition in Lok Sabha are all women; they are winning Olympic medals, leading business organizations, fighting corruption and are actively participating in all possible dimensions of life. Unlike its other south East Asian counterparts women in the country have freedom and acceptance in all the fields.

The Emerging Indian Woman

The scenario all over the country is changing fast and even in inaccessible rural areas their participation towards the constructive development of society is ensured by government of India by taking steps like 33% reservation in village panchayat elections, which are considered to be the most ground level elections with direct and emotional attachment of people for the betterment of their villages. Flipping over the coin reveals another picture, another face of Indian society where girls are considered to be the curse of gods. A study suggests that in last 20 year around 10 million female fetuses were killed even before they saw the dawn of their lives in this world, in some parts of the country female feticide has pushed sex ratio into danger zones. Partly by the efforts of government and partly by social awakening the situation has started to turn now and steadily the sex ratio is moving towards normal. From a mere 927 in 1991 we have now reached to a national average of 940 in 2011.

Thanks to various schemes by Indian government like providing of bicycle and cash prizes for extraordinary performance amongst girls the literacy rate for women has also increased drastically in last 20 years and number of school dropouts amongst the girls has also gone down.

A Burqa clad women in Afghanistan when asked about her beautiful shoes by a BBC reporter replied that this is the only body part visible to other people so she wants it to look as attractive as it can, when we compare this situation to present scenario of booming confidence amongst women in India we realize the situation to be different. Although a lot still remains to be done, change is very much evident in our society. Surrounded by countries with frequent non democratic and military governments India presents the picture of a society ken to bring women to front and offer the constructive roles in making the future of the country.

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