Mcleodganj is another Paradise on Earth

One fine evening I was sitting with two of my friends in the balcony, sipping coffee and discussing about our careers and our futures. I was quite depressed because I was not able to get a job that suited me. I was wondering how irrational I was to put my career at a stake, go home and take a 5 months break.  While these thoughts were constantly pondering in my mind, one of them came up with an idea to go for a trip to Mcleodganj. Mcleodganj, a small settlement of the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, situated few kilometers away from Dharamshala. Himachal Pradesh, situated in the foot hills of theHimalayas, is a place where God has bestowed with all the scenic beauty. A place having its own verve is needed a small settlement of Tibetan refugees, folded amid the Himalayan mountain range.

At first I stepped back as there wasn’t much balance left in my bank account and I had to give a second thought to ask my father to sponsor my trip. Finally after much ado, I gathered the guts to call my parents and took the permission for the trip and they agreed to it.  We decided to go the next day so; we went to Majnu Ka Tilla to get the tickets. Buses leave at intervals from Majnu Ka Tila. The drive took roughly 12 hours and we reached there early morning the next day. We were very much excited as it was the first time we were traveling alone and 3 best friends together for an “all girls trip”.

Accommodation, with no trouble is easily accessible in various guest houses and hotels all around the city ranging from Rs. 500 per night to Rs. 750 per night during season time and become half the rate during off-season. Since we went in September it was regarded as off-season and we rented a hotel room at a very cheaper rate. We had our breakfast at an Italian restaurant and then headed to explore the place.

The town was named after Sir Donald Friell McLeod who was a Lieutenant Governor ofPunjab. It is the head office of the Tibetan government-in-exile and also has a Buddhist Monestry which is a replica of the one that was destroyed inLhasaand the idols inside the shrine have been made from pieces of the ruined idols that were smuggled fromLhasa. Dalai Lama stays at this place whenever he visits the place. We met several Monks and also chit-chatted with them. We went to visit the oldest Cathedral, The St. John’s Church which is in the backwoods. It is a place that gives complete tranquility and peacefulness. It gives a feeling of entering into heaven. We spent hours there and it was a splendid experience indeed. That day we did not go anywhere else as it was raining heavily; we decided to enjoy the weather and we spent out time playing cards and discussing life.

Mcleodganj Himachal pradesh travel destinations

The next morning we went trekking to the Bhagsu waterfall. Auto rickshaws and motor bikes are available for hire but we decided to trek down the streets and explore the place more. The view left us spell bound; the river flowing by, the greenery all around, the hills, and the small water falls here and there made the place exquisite. When we reached the waterfall we saw people swimming and having fun in the water without caring about the chill and the slight drizzle. The waterfall is a must visit place which I feel cannot be described in words. Mcleodganj is a place where people from all over the World visits. We found travelers fromAustralia,Paris,Italy,United States, Brazil etc all here to explore the God’s created beauty of nature. After spending quite sometime and when the rain stopped we went trekking further above where there was a café known as the Shiva Café. It was another worth visiting place. We sat there for hours, ordered tea and food and enjoyed the scenic beauty. The sun was almost about to set and we hurried down so that we do not get lost in the dark streets.

While coming back we had a lot of adventures, chatted with a lot of local people gathering more information about the place. After we reached the city, we went or diner to a restaurant from whose roof-top the whole city could be viewed. The night view was just amazing and we cloud not take our eyes off it.  This petite settlement is a universal parish, a hub of activity for the pro-Tibet movement and in fact a place where worlds collide.

This place offers wide array of flavors of food. There are Italian restaurants, Jimmy’s and Nick’s Italian Kitchen; a breakfast joint, Oogo’s Café, which serves brilliant pancakes; the Green Hotel if the farmer’s breakfast is what you’d like; Café Budan serving piping cups of hot chocolate; and Carpe Diem, the place with the TV and the music. Wine seemed too be very cheap and is famous for apple wine. The prices here are quite affordable especially for travelers.

Without any doubt it was the best trip of my life; full of adventures and new experiments. It’s a place away from the hurly-burly of the city life; a place full of tranquility, serenity and exciting people.  A trip, which can be cherished all through-out the life and never regret. Finally, the trip ended and we were all rejuvenated and energized leaving behind the sadness and the depression we went through.

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