Claims, caricatures and repulsions of the Osama death

The recent event of Osama’s death followed by the US Military’s search and surgical operations has readily raised many fundamental questions pertaining to International relationships. There are two boarder issues to be addressed which are to do with the location of the terrorist’s killing and the involvement of the present Pakistani Government. Not to forget that the US had always maintained special relations with Pakistan in terms of Military and arms support. The intentions were made clear that the America always wanted to ensure stability in the Asian region and the reason for the special involvement is only to ensure democracy in Pakistan past emergency and dictatorship.

The immediate question about the location where Osama was killed is very authentic especially going by the claims of India which says Pakistan has always been the hiding place for many blood stained terrorists. Singing to the chorus many of the G8 nations have indirectly sympathized with India as the search operations for Osama in Baghdad and Kabul could give a little scope to either capture or kill the terrorist. It’s been ten years of dedicated efforts from the US army as they were hurt by the unprecedented 9/11 attacks. These attacks challenge the spirit and the tag of the world’s superpower of Americans. The revenge in the killing of the terrorist sent a very formidable message to the world that the US is still on top of its intelligence and military to crack down on what they want. We can debate their intentions till the cows come home but can never underestimate their determination. It is good to be aligned with the US foreign policy to get the best support for fight against terrorism. The location where Osama Bin Laden was killed now be an embarrassment to the Pakistan’s Government and ISI as they are expected to explain to the world nations if they call themselves clean and ambassadors for peace.

Possibilities are plenty that the US would continue to crackdown in Pakistan to continue its good work if pressured by Indian establishments. 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks was as heinous as 9/11 Terror Attacks and America had always sympathized with India. Some of the most critical clues like David Headley were from the America which literally advanced the Indian investigations. This may further embarrass Pakistan which has been looking for a great deal of partnership from the Americans. But India will spare any effort to swat the pressure on US to help and Pakistan to act. Pakistan may well be deprived of many international treaties. The interesting thing was the claim of Pakistan’s Government that they were in the loop of the capture mission to reiterate their positive role in spelling end to the terrorist is a point to be discussed. But the facts can’t be changed. US neither endorsed this claim nor acknowledged the Pakistan’s support in capturing Osama. But, US had ensured that they would continue to support Pakistan in the process of restoration and stability.

High emotions are on the raise in the civilians of Pakistan. There are rebel groups which totally against the insolvent of America in Pakistan, they even want the troops moved out of their country. As the developments unfold there is even a possibility that the Pakistan may join hands with the rest of Islam world in anticipation to emerge as another global power. This scenario is what everybody may be cautious about as the wounded animal may causes nothing but uproar causing anguish.

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