Technological advancements in India

India is growing and one of the factors contributing to its growth is technology. Every time there was a revolution, mankind has benefited. This time we can call it a technological revolution. With advancements in sectors like telecom, IT, space-research and nuclear technology, India is surely marching ahead like never before. Entry of wireless services and VoIP has equipped the users with mobility and coverage in negligible price. Making unlimited video calls and voice calls all over the world have become free of cost with one-time payment for getting the service enabled. There are around 900 million mobile users in India which makes it 2nd largest in the world. As far as internet is concerned it is third largest with 108 million users. Launch of Aakash Tablet has given us yet another thing to be proud of as it is the world’s cheapest tablet.

3G technology is definitely going to get a boom in near future. It’s unlike Wi-Fi where one gets connected automatically if there is a hotspot. In 3Gyou need to avail the facility from the service provider. The phone should have 3G functionality and should be connected to 3G network. Then the user becomes really mobile where distance literally doesn’t matter. It has several times higher data speed, IPTV support, high speed browsing possibilities, enhanced audio-video streaming and video conferencing support.

India is also making its mark in the field of space research.  Megha Tropiques is a joint effort of ISRO and CNES (France) to study the tropics mainly for water cycle in the context of climate change. It is a satellite which was successfully deployed in October 2011 by a PSLV rocket. It has near circular eccentricity and an orbital period of 101.93 minutes. Astrosat is India’s first astronomy satellite which will be launched in 2012. It will be launched with PSLV-XL. Astrosat will be mainly focusing on monitoring the X-ray sky, multi-wavelength monitoring, sky surveys in UV bands and hard X-ray. It will also focus on broadband spectroscopic studies and periodic and non-periodic variability of X-ray sources.

India has a huge demand of power supply and by 2020 the existing demand is likely to double. Per Capita electricity consumption seems to grow manifold and India had to look for other energy sources for generation of electricity. Nuclear technology came to its rescue. India has knowledge of fast reactors and Thorium fuel cycle which will take it to one of the leaders’ positions in nuclear technology.

Concepts like e-governance and UIDAI or Aadhar cards are being implemented. There is a long way to go but these projects will definitely bring a lot of order and transparency in the way India is being governed. 6D technology promises to add a new dimension to our already existing 3D images. It will need optical adjustment device which makes the image float off the screen. Though the research and innovation is a continuous process but once the applications are out in the market there will be many takers. Especially in a country like India there is a huge potential, both for finding application developers as well as users.

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