Apple Macbook Air 11 inches Review

The most interesting launch of apple to date is Apple Macbook Air 11 Inch. Apple didn’t enter into net book game till now, and as an alternative it gives MacBook Air, a thin and light system with regular notebook’s screen and keyboard. In 2006, the most loved 12-inch iBook and PowerBook models was demolished and now this MacBook Air refresh the user giving a choice of screen size and also marks apple’s first small screen.

Amazing Thin Design:

The weight of 11 inch Air is about 1 kg and 1.7cm in thickness. This feature makes it very easy to carry in handbag, sling or any backpack. It’s hard to gauge how shockingly thin it is until you pick it up, cradle it, and put it against the thinnest thing you can find in the room. Undeniably it was very popular with common fliers, road warriors and college students and those who are being suffered with shoulder pain from carrying heavy laptop in their day to day life.

Pros and Cons:

The entry-level 11-inch MacBook Air costs the same amount as an entry-level Mac book, which is considered be a most attractive matter. Apart from the clear size and weight differences, the Air comes with a relatively slower CPU storage state is only 64GB with non-upgradeable RAM, no DVD drive, a metal body. It does not have Ethernet port with half life battery and doesn’t have optical drive.

But it offer both Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi N connectivity which will be very comfortable for most of the people. The MacBook Air has Mac OS X and ILIFE suite as standard. The astonishing moment is that the Air’s 11.6 inch screen runs at a higher resolution of 1366×768 than the matchbook’s 1280×800. The Buyers conclude themselves which will be a better choice for them.

The keyboard is full sized, but it is found to be bit too shallow for ease. The keys are flatter than those of other laptops. MacBook Air has over sized click pad which is very impressive. The body of the MacBook Air is too small that your wrist are likely to rest against the device front edge, which was not a comfortable position for the user. In spite of centered to the keyboard, the track pad is centered to MacBooks body which is oversized so that our palms will drift across it quite often. At last, the high resolution screen in MacBook is just a tiny bit too confined.

Price In India:

This MacBook is available at the reasonable price in India that goes around 60,900.

Final Thoughts:

The Apple MacBook Air (11-inch) is not a net book. It is certainly the thinnest, laptops ever made and it might be the first computer you can seriously take with you everywhere. 11-inch Air is essentially an iPad that comes with a full size keyboard and runs with a good and full flowing operating system so that users can run full blown application.

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