Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard N5901

Priced at a nominal range, this device takes full control of the Home theater PCs, which is the most ‘happening’ technological advancement this year. Having opted for a device like a HTPC, it is definitely tougher than the usual stuffs, to look for and buy gadgets that match the advancement. With the market full of bulky and heavy keyboards that are largely sized, it is definitely mind-calming and exciting when there is a new innovatory product that deals with your usage, gives you fulfillment and is at the same time, adequately sized.

This device not only shoes away the disappointments that come along with remote control-like keyboards which take a lot of our time and money to get it constellated, it also takes actions to fade away the annoyance of using the old keyboards which are set up for PCs.


Having a QWERTY keyboard, sized bigger than a remote control, this device has an inbuilt trackball mouse along with keys which can be used to handle the multimedia system in ease. Despite the absence of Alt key on the left side and Function keys, this keyboard has everything else and a Fn key which, when combined with other keys can be used to get at some special characters.

Made out of plastic, has its own pros and cons. Even though it feels lighter because of its make, it looks somewhat cheap. The trackball mouse, which has both the ‘right’ and ‘left’ clicks in it, is easy to handle for those with adjustable thumbs. The keys in the keyboard are adequate for shorter messages than they are for longer ones.

Working on AAA batteries, this keyboard-mouse compatible device also has a USB port.


Serving better purpose than the QWERTY keyboards found on smart phones these days, this light-weighed keyboard-mouse device, has a pretty unflawed wireless range, which works even 10 feet farther away from the HTPC or a PC. So is the sensitivity of the trackball mouse which is decent in tracking even with a ‘medium’ sensitivity.

According to the market verdict, The Lenovo Mini Wireless keyboard N5901, not only serves the purpose of every user, it also serves the desired purpose with its nominal pricing, when compared to other similar devices (or so similar ones) manufactured by the Logitech. For those who are looking forward to setting up a high end, latest Home theatre cum Personal Computer, which is the latest advancement in technology, this keyboard-mouse light-weighing device is not only suffice, but also affordable by saving the economy of your fiscal situation.

Price in India:

The price of this keyboard is quite less in India and it’s available at just Rs 1,999.


This latest advancement in the computer field is catchy at the same time catchpenny for buyers. It takes complete controls of your Home Theatre-Personal Computer system and gives it a completion by closing the loop hole. It is sized larger than the standard television remotes and smaller than the usual keyboards that come with a track pad or a trackball mouse, clearly differentiating this piece from both normal computer keyboards and television remotes.

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