Launch of 4G in India: New chapter in IT revolution

The trend of storing and sharing data has changed rapidly since last 10 years. With introduction of World Wide Web and information technology revolution our lives have grown up to be more impatient. We need information to be available on our fingertips waiting for us to use it. Gone are the days when downloading a simple file from internet used to involve long waiting time. In this age of fataafat cricket, fast food, F1race and sabse tez news channels, why should data transfer technologies lag behind. Last month when Airtel launched 4g services on its network in Kolkata it was dawn of a new age. As we know that G here stands for generation and the number along with the g represents the era and technology involved with the services.

Our country has witnessed a revolution in the field of Information Technology in last 15 years and it is the biggest change effecting people’s daily lives that we have seen since white revolution. From fixed landline connections , where one has to scream his guts out for talking on an overseas call, to Mobile phones which are personal ATMs, Mailboxes, friends and entertainers this is a giant leap forward.Not long back the country was hit by a telecom scam involving allocation of 2G spectrum and the situation seemed to be grim for the sector. Auction for the spectrum of 3G services fetched much more money for the government of India than it has hoped for and we were all expecting a giant leap in technology by introduction of 3G services all over the country. A lot of service providers scored a lot of accolades from consumers for bringing the technology into their lives and even before all the fuzz around 3G services could cool off or even whole of the country could get 3G connectivity, 4G is now knocking at our doorsteps.

People welcomed this new progress with open hearts and some even said that 3G is going to be a failure by introduction of 4G and a lot of areas in the country where there is no 3G connectivity yet might directly leapfrog into 4G. 4G will be much faster, easier and effective in transferring data with a rate of upto 20 Mbps as compared to 2 Mbps earlier. Although what we are calling as 4G is actually an extension of 3G Technology so a lot of people might prefer using term 3.9G or pre 4g for the technology, but the reality is that it’s not about number or name, it’s all about getting faster data transfer with a better technology by harnessing slightly higher frequency bands of 2-8 GHz instead of 1.8-2.5 GHz for earlier version. The step has been welcomed by people from all the circles specially business class people who need fast access to data for making quick and informed decisions. Kolkata is just a beginning and soon whole of the country will be able to send and receive data at high speeds thus benefiting by the technology.

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