Technology Helping India To Emerge As a Developed Country

India has shown great improvement in fields like pharmaceuticals, space technology, telecom industry, IT and so on, considering the limited resources India had done extremely good. India had become a global software cum business services provider, at end of fiscal year 2007 Indian IT industry generated revenue worth $4.7 billion with growth  rate 30% per annum even employing greater than 1.6-million individuals.

Various Research Development startups are performing great work, even changing mindsets, infusing a new culture of risk taking. VC funds cum PE investors are evolving, increasing their investments. Indian telecom industry has also made a mark on global industry, emerging as 3rd largest network after China and United States in world. Technology certainly had been in forefront in India’s current economic resurgence, and technology is definitely the answer to various upcoming challenges.

Technology can definitely help India to evolve from a developing country to a developed country. It can be utilized to challenge many deep rooted problems of India too. Technology may be leveraged to decrease medical test’s cost, even cost of delivery mechanism, equipment in order to create one robust healthcare-system reaching every section of Indian population.

Emerging biotechnology or pharmaceuticals industry should work for developing inexpensive drugs, even inexpensive family planning methods for controlling over population. Information technology is evolving as a communication backbone, developing effective and innovative e-learning tools, a potential step to eradicate illiteracy and transforming Indian youth into professionals increasing employment. Information technology in India can also help creating processes to increase transparency, control corruption, and decrease bureaucracy.

Science cum technology is working to yield indigenous better breed vegetables and fruits plus high yielding crops, even improved fertilizers to increase food production helping Indian farmers to taste economic success. India also working for cost effective alternative energy sources harnessing environment-friendly sources such as wind energy, solar power, even efforts are made for improving water management, efficient desalination technology, and regarding how to utilize rain water for present and future water-needs. New materials cum cost-effective designs may meet India’s physical infrastructure needs.

Even in yesteryears, in struggle for India’s independence even Mahatma Gandhi introduced science in people’s movement, for rural India’s growth, and so many decades afterwards also, science, technology can be utilized to lead India into next century. India’s technology and science tradition is more than five thousand years old. Twentieth century’s first half witnessed a renaissance; the science and technology infrastructure even grew from 10 million as in 1947, the time of India’s independence to around 30 billion.

India had seen significant achievements in fields of defense, electronics, even space and nuclear science. Moreover Indian government is working towards making technology an important part of India’s socio economic development. As per present scenario, India possess 3rd largest scientific cum technological manpower in entire world, comprising 4000 doctorates, 35,000 post-graduate degrees, also 162 universities-award, also India’s scientific cum industrial research council runs forty research labs, all reporting significant work and achievements, in missile launch-technology field too India ranks in world’s top most 5 nations.

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