3G Technology in India

3G Technology: With the advent of more competitive communication channels, organizations have started expecting improved bandwidth, clarity of digital signals and enhance voice quality. Thankfully, 3G technology has incepted with the answer. 3G is probably the first gateway to make transfer of switched data over the network possible. 3G also has established new dimensions in transmission of packet switched data. If technology geeks are to be believed, it helps multimedia services to perform some mission critical functions. 3G is technically known as IMT-2000 and make use two highly advanced data transfer modes including GSM and CDMA. 3G enables operation of the GSM wireless technologies via vital modes like GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS-HSPA and LTE.


3G Technology: The Road Ahead

The induction of 3G in mobile domain has called on a revolution that makes use of value added services like mobile TV, GPS systems, video conferencing and video calling. Fast data transfer rate is probably the best reason that turns this technology more vibrant and recognized among operators. In terms of operative flexibilities, it supports some top most radio technologies that operates under

  • TDMA
  • FDMA
  • CDMA
  • IMT-MC

In the technical terms, 3G is fully compatible with its older counterpart 2g in the quotient of functioning and value addition and could be stretched in the radius on-demand. When the end expectation is more data and signal coverage with minimum investment, 3G technology is the best alternative. In the very basic topology five different standards were grouped together to capture the immense capabilities of 3G. These standards are W-CDMA, CDMA2000, TD-CDMA/TD, SCDMA DECT and UWC-136 etc.

3G Technology: The Business Advantages

Setting up 3G to the communication arena has transformed the reliability and data speed transferred over the networks. 3G eminently improves the overall efficiency of data transfer with the help of a 3G enabled device like mobile phone, broadband connection or a data card. Let’s put a focus on some of the salient advantages of 3G technologies.

  • Data transfer in accordance with the global standards while roaming
  • Higher quality of Voice service over the networks
  • Extensive support for the advanced communication services like high speed data, bandwidth on-demand and multimedia services
  • Utilities for multi environment capabilities like central mobile access or fixed wireless access.
  • Fixed service network capabilities
  • Private system integration facilities

3G takes advantage of common global frequency band between 1885-2025 MHZ and 2210-2220 MHZ. It improves the facilities of global roaming as it uses common global frequency for improved global roaming. The 3G communication mode is best for voice and data support services and thus its advent has been announced in the industry in highly pampered and expected manner.

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