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Youth economic empowerment VS corruption in India

The corruption in India has grown to its tallest heights which can only come down from those shattering state of affairs which have kept our India from growing. Corruption has been the top…

Importance of Indian youth in nation building

As our country is inching towards becoming a developed nation which is not a dream that is far off in many aspects, we need to look at the important aspects or the process…

Indian youth Culture

Indian youth Culture

Indian youth culture is often being a debating point about the changing culture and trends among our youth. There are a lot of conservative voices that are against the changing trends and there…


Media impact on youth of India

The role of media has actually become synonymous with the growing maturity among the Indian men and women. The media impact on youth has actually resulted in a new and a responsible era…

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Youth must Volunteer for a Better India

Though volunteering seems to be a new concept in our country because of the terminology which was not used in the right context or right situations of our lifestyle. If we have missed…


Right to information is the right instrument for Indian Youth

India is the largest democracy with a variety of governmental functionalities that include transactions with private and public enterprises. Our government is responsible for good governance as elected by ‘we the people’ as…

India Corruption Protest

Indian Youth should learn to balance Satyagraha against the grammar of anarchy

Our Indian society is driven by many values that are guiding forces for many generations including ours. Being a democracy we enjoy many rights and privileges. One of which is the provision to…


Empowering Indian youth Through Politics

The presence of youth in any industry or field has been proven to be valuable. Youth has created the sense of professionalism and urgency for many sectors that has inspired their growth. The…

Youth against Corruption in India

Indian Youth: The flickering but robust hope

It’s rightly said that when “If Corruption takes the way to the roots, then the good seeds of youth should better be preserved”. Fair play soon will be the notions of bygone years….

youth against reservation

Indian Youth against Reservation in India

The gray side of the government – The nation under distress due to political rivalry leaves the Indian youth in the dark. Now Indian Youth has decided to Fight against Reservation and Caste…

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