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Responsibility of Indian youth towards Agriculture

Responsibility of youth towards Agriculture

Every Indian owes it to our society which is an agrarian economy which means the majority of the population depend on agriculture for their livelihood apart from the revenues to the government are…

Youth leadership india

Youth leadership can Change India

Today, the political parties in India have been looking for various opportunities to have the young leadership on board to project themselves as futuristic parties. The youth presence in the politics may create…

youth movements in India

Refreshing democracy through youth movements in India

Democracy in India is as old as its independence and the declaration of our country as a republic sovereign country that has the power and authority to rule and govern itself through the…

Indian youth economy

Indian Economy,Youth and Good Economics

We may often wonder as in what could be the real indicators of the growing and most progressive economies. Are there any good economics that come to play or do we strategize amazingly…

Youth agenda India

Youth Agenda to Enrich the Great Indian Story

Youth in India can be associated with the dreams that are achievable and such achievements are not far away. The youth agenda for our India is very realistic and proactive. Indian youth can…

Youth social media

Youth Today and Social Media

There is a political story for every era in India that youth today needs to be told about , which are rather stories of political persistence and adaptation. Indian media is negative about…

Youth Migration

Youth Migration in India

Our country has been going through some of the toughest and the most exciting times of all time in the history of independence. One of the greatest indications that can be ever found…

Indian Youth

Youth In India Today – Patriotic?

India is a country which has gone through multiple phases of ideological revolution. Our county has its pride in patriotism that has been deeply rooted through the spirit of belongingness to the country….

Indian Youth

The youth in India; their Mind frame

Young men in our India contribute to the majority of the active population who are engaged in various activities at different levels. They are the hope for our future which can be bright…

Youth role in society; is it relevant?

India unfortunately has been making a deliberate attempt not to become one such developed nations for reasons that have no explanation. Our very existence as a largest democracy shall give us the leverage…

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