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Tapping the potential of Indian Youth

Youth! The UN, for statistical consistency across regions, defines ‘youth’, as those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years, without prejudice to other definitions by Member States. With 28% of population…

Aging Parents

Living with the Aging Parents in the Indian Families

Indian families are the symbol of compassion, affection and kindness. For ages Indian families have been recognized for their continuity, perseverance and adaptability. The members of an Indian family are bind together with…

Youth for India

National Integrity and the Indian Youth

Integrity is that emotional bond that has the ability to bring intense connectivity in the physical bonding of the people that we are living and surrounded with and when we specifically talk about…

Indian Youth Leadership

Young Leaders & Youth Leadership in India

The youth leadership is the need of the hour in our great democratic country. Our nation is in the process of gathering its momentum from the youth power and its calibre that is…

young india

Indian Youth in Politics

The younger generation is the generation that can be completely responsible for building a credible and superior India. If there is any right time that can be thought about for implementing amazing ideas,…

Sports and Youth in India

Sports and youth in India

The notion about our nation when it comes to sports is a complete contrast with the idea of being a cricketing nation. We as a nation are identified for being cricketers in spite…

Caste Politics in India

Indian youth against caste politics

 It is as important to our present generation to be told about the bloodiest history of caste dominance that has divided the country into many pieces. The caste system has not only brought…

Respect all Religions

Communal violence is Against Youth development in India

Our country is often found to be fighting the internal issues that are more demanding than the external enemy. These internal issues not only shifts the governments focus on the problems but also…

Impact Of Movies On Youth of India

Movies Influencing the Youth of India

Youth and Bollywood are so well connected but there is not enough done by the Indian movies today to represent the youth of India. Our youth is not connected with the idea that…

Enterprising Spirit Display the Power Of Youth

The youth of our country represents the growing cloud of entrepreneurship which is also the trend in global scenario. As per our Indian economy is concerned, enterprising would be as good as the…

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