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Challenges Faced by Working Women in India

She is a symbol of power, she stands out in hundreds, she possesses all the divine virtues and she is considered to be the most beautiful creations of God;She is a Woman! It is…


Identity Crisis; Women The Biggest Victims

Identity of a person is comprised of his/her thoughts, ideas, ideologies, thinking and behavioural patterns. The ways a person thinks and acts is what we understand by his/her Identity. We all have our…

Indian Woman

The Emerging Indian Women

India has always been of the trickiest places with closed and conservative societies. What makes it more interesting is the kaleidoscopic culture which changes color after every few miles. The country is dominated…


Poor Single Women Demand Public Funds

The number of Indian single women is quite large-39.8 million as per 2002 census. According to a study on the “status of low income women in India” released by the National Forum for…

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