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Celebrity in Indian Politics

are Indian Celebrities Capable of Influencing the People’s Choice in elections?

The word ‘politics’ is however not been so much praised and liked in the Indian scenario, but ask those who want to be a part of it, sooner or later in their lives,…

young india

Indian Youth in Politics

The younger generation is the generation that can be completely responsible for building a credible and superior India. If there is any right time that can be thought about for implementing amazing ideas,…

Caste Politics in India

Indian youth against caste politics

 It is as important to our present generation to be told about the bloodiest history of caste dominance that has divided the country into many pieces. The caste system has not only brought…

Respect all Religions

Communal violence is Against Youth development in India

Our country is often found to be fighting the internal issues that are more demanding than the external enemy. These internal issues not only shifts the governments focus on the problems but also…


Empowering Indian youth Through Politics

The presence of youth in any industry or field has been proven to be valuable. Youth has created the sense of professionalism and urgency for many sectors that has inspired their growth. The…

youth against reservation

Indian Youth against Reservation in India

The gray side of the government – The nation under distress due to political rivalry leaves the Indian youth in the dark. Now Indian Youth has decided to Fight against Reservation and Caste…


What India HAVE, what India doesn’t have & what India CAN have

CWG, 2G, Coal Gate, Stamp Paper and the list goes on, Yet India is shining, rising like never before. News now a days saddens me but at the same time fills me up…


Arvind Kejriwal and Indian Politics

Robert Vadra , Salman Khurshid , Nitin Gadkari , Mukesh Ambani & Anil Ambani. The domain & range of targets of this vibrant IITian Ex-IRS Officer makes me wonder, if he is an…

States Elections 2012

Elections in 5 states: an Overview

Elections are said to be the festivals of democracy, where all of us celebrate our right to vote and choose our own ruler. Every time there is an election, graph of political activities…

Regionalism : Divides & Unites

How many times have you heard your parents, exclaiming with joy when they meet a person belonging to the same hometown as theirs? How many times have you extended a hand forward to…

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