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Education system and Need of educational reforms in India

The word ‘Education’ is supposed to be derived from some Latin terms ‘Educatum’, ‘Educare’ and ‘Educere’ which means ‘to teach’, ‘to take out’ and ‘to bring up’ respectively. The basic role of education…

Indian Youth

Indian Youth; Before Asking for Rights , Know your responsibilities too!

YOUTH; the young blood of a nation represents fresh and contemporary ideologies, thoughts and attitudes in their every approach and action. Basically the Youth exhibits the 20 percent of Indian population of the…

Superstition in India

Superstition; A social Blindness

Today, the mankind is undoubtedly developed and advanced. Human race of today is scientifically and globally well established and sound but still there are so many old irrational beliefs prevailing in the society…

Indian Fashion Going Global

Indian Fashion going global

Indian fashion is truly going global with its roots intact to its ethnic style. In the twenty first century , India is no where lagging behind in the different ethnic contemporary styles. Wherever…


Know-How Job Ready Are You?

The workforce in India is increasing as the numbers of companies also continue to increase. In comparison to the countries like Germany and Japan which have 75% skilled workforce, and South-East Asia which…

India, Russia Further Defence Ties

Relationship between New Delhi and Moscow has undergone significant change ever since the break up of the USSR and the end of Cold War. However, one area which has almost remained unbroken between…

Wikileaks Revelations about India

The Wikileaks Revelation cables published about the India and its fight against corruption has started a new debate among the intellectual community. The very new cable thrown by the website has thumped the…

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