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Power of Indian Youth

When I was asked to write an article about the power of the Indian youth, believe me; I felt like that someone has asked me to evaluate my own power and potentialities and…

Youth for India

National Integrity and the Indian Youth

Integrity is that emotional bond that has the ability to bring intense connectivity in the physical bonding of the people that we are living and surrounded with and when we specifically talk about…


Youth Interest in Politics

The youth interest in politics, especially of the present generation is completely laudable. The new generation has taken the new media revolution that has forced the political establishments to look at ways and…

regionalism in india map

Dealing With Regionalism in India – One of the Duties of the Youth

India is a country that is rich in culture and civilization which was possible due to a highly diversified society. A diversified society would obviously mean the regional notions that are more sentimental…

indian Youth Congress Rahul Gandhi

Indian Youth Congress and Rahul Gandhi

The political scenario at the national level has always been found with the excitement which is of great importance. The two leading parties at the national platform from the time of independence have…

The Power of Youth in India- Making us World’s Superpower

India’s tagline as the developing third world country can soon be changed to the global superpower with the power of youth in India which is more determined than ever before. There was never…

Indian Youth

Youth Empowerment in India

Youth represents the Modern India, young mindsets, young visions and new perceptions. According to the Census 2001; Youth composites the 41.05% of the total population of India that includes the young people under…

Communal Harmony in India

Role of Youth in promoting Communal harmony in India

When my son was about six his classmate asked him about his religion. My son could not answer him as that was the first time someone had asked him that question. He did…


India is in a dire need of services from the Indian Youth

The younger generation is the generation that can be completely responsible for building a credible and superior India. If there is any right time that can be thought about for implementing amazing ideas,…


Need to change Indian Education System for Better India

The idea education is unfortunately linked with commerce in our India as though it is synonymous. ‘Education Business’ is a common phrase used across our country whether it is a developed city or…

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