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20 women who made India Proud

The Indian society has always been biased with women and our society has been underestimating their strength. Although they are considered to be weaker in terms of physical strength, but time to time…


Challenges Faced by Working Women in India

She is a symbol of power, she stands out in hundreds, she possesses all the divine virtues and she is considered to be the most beautiful creations of God;She is a Woman! It is…


Women and Indian Defence Forces

A woman is the symbol determination and power. She possesses a tremendous strength into herself that is why she has been worshiped as the Goddess of Power in the Indian culture. She is…

Women's Health Issues

Indian Women’s Health issues and Solutions

A woman is said to be one of the most beautiful creations of God and she certainly is because she is not only blessed with physical beauty but she has innate features and…

Indian Woman

The Emerging Indian Women

India has always been of the trickiest places with closed and conservative societies. What makes it more interesting is the kaleidoscopic culture which changes color after every few miles. The country is dominated…

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