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Power of Indian Youth

When I was asked to write an article about the power of the Indian youth, believe me; I felt like that someone has asked me to evaluate my own power and potentialities and…

Interesting Facts about Indian Food

Interesting Facts Related To Indian Food

Every nation is incomplete without food and there is no food without a background. Like every nation, India too serves a wide variety of delicacies with a slice of history, a pinch of…

Interesting Facts about India

25 Interesting Facts about India

India is the world’s largest democracy, where one of the oldest civilizations, the Indus Valley Civilization flourished. It is the place of vast diversity and is a melting point of age old traditions…


Role of NGOs in Nation building

The term ‘NGO’ stands for the ‘Non-Governmental Organization’ that refers to a structure that works to fill the gaps in the functions of the Government; for the welfare of the people of the…

Quotes by Indian Army Chief General VK SINGH

Actions defining Patriotism

We all have been talking of patriotism so far for a so long time and the way we have perceived it so far or the way we have understood this phenomena, is quite…

Proud to be Indian

Reasons to Feel Proud to be Indian

An Indian has  been and would always be proud of India. Not because he is a citizen of this country rather because India is indeed a great and wonderful nation that has bestowed…


National Issues of India

Any issue related to the country that which requires a serious concern, transformation, change and modification should be treated as the National issue. Issues that hinder the nation’s growth and development are basically…

Chinese incursions in Ladakh , India

India–China relations: A perspective

It has been about 51 years since India and China took up guns against each other, went to a war that was not at all pleasant. No war by the way is pleasant…

Indian Youth Leadership

Young Leaders & Youth Leadership in India

The youth leadership is the need of the hour in our great democratic country. Our nation is in the process of gathering its momentum from the youth power and its calibre that is…

Sports and Youth in India

Sports and youth in India

The notion about our nation when it comes to sports is a complete contrast with the idea of being a cricketing nation. We as a nation are identified for being cricketers in spite…

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