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Let’s all be human first and not men and women !

“Women Empowerment”, the very topic has been discussed so much in almost every forum and every possible live event that it seems a challenge to write something new and relevant on it.Hence, it’s…

Value Education and the Progress of Indian Society

Education has a much bigger role to play for the human being than it has been ever thought of. It is an irony as well that in our country education has not been…


Education for a Sustainable Society

Education is an interim part of the social system. In fact, it is one of the basic activities of the people in all human societies. The continued existence of societies depends upon the…

Value Based Education in India

Need for value based education in India

Not many may immediately recollect the title of the poem in which William Wordsworth quoted “Child is the father of man.” But almost all of us have either heard or used the phrase…


Commercialized education in India and its upcoming market

Education in our country has always been treated as a top priority. There may be many compromises made by our young students to stay on top on education so that we can make…


Need to change Indian Education System for Better India

The idea education is unfortunately linked with commerce in our India as though it is synonymous. ‘Education Business’ is a common phrase used across our country whether it is a developed city or…


Education system and Need of educational reforms in India

The word ‘Education’ is supposed to be derived from some Latin terms ‘Educatum’, ‘Educare’ and ‘Educere’ which means ‘to teach’, ‘to take out’ and ‘to bring up’ respectively. The basic role of education…


Literacy and women in india

Literacy is a state or condition which depicts that how many people of the society and the country are educated. It is an essential feature for a nation to grow and to be…

Stop Female Foeticide

Stop Female foeticide in India

Male and female both are two indispensible parts of life, society and the nation. Both complement each other and this is also a fact that without any one of them, it is just…


The Burning Bride: The issue of Dowry system in India

A girl is supposed to be the most beautiful creation of god. She has been given the place equal to god. There is an old saying that god cannot be present everywhere so…

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