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Economic Policies of Narendra Modi Government

Narendra Modi’s Impressive Economic Policies for India

Under the leadership of India’s one of the most popular Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the country’s economic growth story has been most interesting. After his unprecedented win in the last Lok Sabha elections,…

Indian youth economy

Indian Economy,Youth and Good Economics

We may often wonder as in what could be the real indicators of the growing and most progressive economies. Are there any good economics that come to play or do we strategize amazingly…

FDI in Retail sector in India

FDI in Retail Sector in India

India is a country that has been able to reinstate investor buoyancy in its markets, even during the hard-hitting of times. Augmentation in capital inflows, foreign direct investments (FDI) and overseas entities’ chipping…


Price rise a major issue for Indian economy

Price hike as the name clearly suggests is the rise in price beyond normal. If defined in a more organized way then price rise can be explained as a rise in price of…

Japan’s Economy ,Earthquake Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis

The impact of devastated earth quake and tsunami has not only made a disaster for the people but also pushed the Japanese economy in the harder times. The third largest economy of the…

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