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Aging Parents

Living with the Aging Parents in the Indian Families

Indian families are the symbol of compassion, affection and kindness. For ages Indian families have been recognized for their continuity, perseverance and adaptability. The members of an Indian family are bind together with…

Indian youth Culture

Indian youth Culture

Indian youth culture is often being a debating point about the changing culture and trends among our youth. There are a lot of conservative voices that are against the changing trends and there…

Norway govt agrees to handover kids to Indian parents

Government saves the Day for Indian Parents in Norway

In Indian culture feeding a kid by hand is a way to show love by mothers, we get examples for the same in Ramayan and Mahabharat where legends like Ram and Krishna were…


Sangai festival of Manipur

The state of Manipur is one of the culturally richest amongst the twenty eight Indian states. Very rightly it is called as the ‘Cultural Capital’ of Northeast India. It has diversified ethnic groups…

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