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Chinese incursions in Ladakh , India

India–China relations: A perspective

It has been about 51 years since India and China took up guns against each other, went to a war that was not at all pleasant. No war by the way is pleasant…

Indian Navy Bolsters its Eastern Muscle

The Indian navy has been pumping up its muscles along the eastern seaboard, albeit slowly but steadily. For several decades, the eastern command had played the proverbial second fiddle to its western peer,…

To Discount the Sino Juggernaut in the North East

In May last, the Congress won a third straight victory in the hustling of Assam. While several observers and analysts, in their trademark stoic fashion, dismissed the event as another victory in some…

Pakistan and China: Friends in Arms

Pakistan, of late, has taken it relations with China to a new high with increasing the number of defence buyouts from the latter. Islamabad seems to have realised that following the killing of…

India China Relations: It’s All About Money Honey

When Chinese premier Wen Jiabao made his long awaited visit to the Indian republic, he was dead sure at the rock solid economic ties with world’s largest democracy and an emerging super power….

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